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Okay, Before we start, Let's just get this out of the way. My tough 171 is Katie m y f m ht one Coon Rapids Saint Paul Minneapolis. Time for your my talk, traffic, the snow moving in and the system is orange and red. That means it's gonna be a slow commute for your Tuesday afternoon. We'll give you a couple of the highlights here. 94 what's bound to spend out vehicle near Brooklyn Center. That's right around 49th Avenue on Highway 100 Highway 10 westbound. Another vehicle spun out. That's an art in hills between 6 94 and prior Avenue slow and go traffic at highway to Northampton County Road, 96. Then 35 W. North, about a crash in Richfield that between 66 Street and Highway 1 21, also out in the western suburbs on Highway five. Westbound Gotta crash happening in Chanhassen That's by a Heritage Road and Dell Road, according to the camps looks like Take your time. Be slow. Give plenty of space. Lot of spun out vehicles around the twin cities today that you're my talk traffic your five eyewitness news. Weather forecast for meteorologists Ren Clair brought to you by Huxley Optical Winter weather Advisory In effect the snow he is here. Maybe about 1 to 3 inches of snow tonight with a low of 21 cloudy skies tomorrow 23 right now, 21 snow at the my talk studios. Uh, any information such might be open to help, you know? No, I don't think this is my talk dirt alert. Everything you need to know, from the world of entertainment and pop culture at the top of every hour on my talk one of 71 Tell us everything. Everything. Sandra.

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