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Back to the show. Next. We have Sasha pricey said when my sister, and I were kids are Papa told us every year that Santa wasn't coming because he committed suicide. Oh, so like, he just so he kept committing suicide or religious. Oh, Honey, remember last year CENA committed suicide? Oh, that's right. He committed suicide and third grade. So couple of things Sasha. Let's talk about it. First of all, obviously, this time of year is very difficult year for a lot of people in. So suicide goes up tremendously. So it's already a really sad part of Tom. I don't understand what your Papa and also I follow up questions about people who call their dad Papa is that is that grandfather or father? No, I know people I know friends like I've personal friends who call their dad Papa. I know. Let's let's speculate for Sasha. What do you think it is? I think it's her dad. I think this this does sound like a grandfather. Boo. That's like, I'm tired. Well, and Sasha has a Frenchness to her name. And then very film. It feels on brand for like Papa like, you're either French or you know, a home center, I don't know. I'll go line you drew to Papa and her being French. I don't think it holds water. But I love it. I'm here for it. I'm on board to voice, but I just picture a little kids like Papa Christian. She lives for Cy. Let's just keep going. Let's just keep going. It's not poor from Are there. there? Spanish, I'm so sorry. Okay. But here's my thing. I don't understand. Why Papa didn't go? What are the million things? I could tell these children. I could tell him that Saint a retired. He's no longer going to be doing this saying moved. He no longer comes to our subdivision. Or how about Santa's ally? Mean we've been misleading you for many years. I don't understand why they went all the way to he committed suicide that just feels like a very twenty eighteen way for sanity go out, you know. And I just think 'cause if Santa was going to go out, what's the way he goes out like how does he does he kill himself or does? He just like disappear. Absolutely. Just like grandma gets run over by a reindeer, unhappy employees, take you down. It's very, okay. No, I'm okay with that. I believe that. Okay, next. We have an anonymous that would like share. So my husband grew up in a church where they weren't allowed to celebrate Christmas. His mom would pull him out of school when they had Christmas parties, no decorations presence anything his family left that church when he was twelve years old and started celebrating Christmas that very year he's thirty three now. And only when the last few years, he started putting all the pieces together and realize his family was in a Colt. He's never talked about it with his parents as an adult. Because he doesn't want them to feel bad for raising him in a Colt. So what per what India Graham type is that a guy who was raised in a coal. He's like, I just don't talk about it. They probably put that to nine. I just don't want to go put. We already went through. They know. I'll just pretend I wasn't in a cold. It's totally I do like, you know, the there's always those moments when you're an adult, and you think back and you're like, oh, oh that was weird. That was a weird thing that happened in much hell to them. Just now putting the pieces we're going to call. I don't understand like Google because I was like, oh, I bet. There's a bunch of funny memes about what to look for. If you're in a coal. No, no, no. They're not funny memes. There are literal scholarly articles. And they're in the Atlantic. And they're in the New York Times signs that you're gonna call..

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