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That it needs so you give equal amounts of lean quality proteins like chicken this beaver eggs low glycemic carbohydrates the former fruits and vegetables in a good healthy fats their mega three sixes and nine like almonds in walnuts cash she's i carlos that kind of thing they could fats and when you do that with when somebody's deal with the blitzer issues such as diabetes then if you eat a protein and fat along with the carbohydrate it balances out the blood sugar and it doesn't let the blood sugar rise it doesn't let it go all over the place so it keeps his steady which is really info so that's that's one thing that you can do in the diets everything you know is forest type 2 diabetes goes that is i would almost say one hundred percent able to get people back where they don't have diabetes anymore literally nets i've wondered if my anaheim it found her hemp when he put it that way but it is that in a car people like everything out yes you are having problems but i mean i want to join hurt he's argued cholesterol man pressure man's everything in fact he finally quit cooking everything predate the cup he could hope body is that and drug the statin drug is what's making his whole body ache okay so what does he take it lipitor no it took him up with the court acquitted martin chris door are noted cracked or curate tried cracked or her nine one monico graphics o x okay is okay okay here here's the deal for for the cholesterol meds that's that's something that can be short term it doesn't that's me longterm it.

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