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They deliver all throughout California and nationwide, So that's our small business. Shout out. Check him out. Okay, that is said so. My 17 year old last night, we were walking out to get our take out for dinner. I mostly cook folks, okay, but you know, a few nights a week. I'm like, Let's just go get some take out and she says, Mom, do you know that Kim Kardashian is getting divorced? That's her way of saying, Of course I going Into a deep Google and find out that it's rumors at this point, and the rumor mill has gone crazy with stuff. That's not true. I'm going to throw out the stuff that I believe is not true right away because it's just so wild. There is a famous online make a partner used to the real world but is very famous online as well. Makeup artist named Jeffery Starr and he happens to be In Jackson, Wyoming, and Kanye West happens to be in Jackson, Wyoming. And so the gossip mill online has somehow ship them. That's a short form for relationship to them and says they can use having affair. I don't think this is true at all by any means. It's just a rumor, but There have been signs of different notice. Like you know, a couples getting divorced long before they announce it, And sometimes long before they even know they're getting a divorce. There are all these signs right? And I'm seeing these signs. With Kim and Kanye Kanye Kardashian, West s. O. Kim and Kanye began their relationship way back in 2011. They got married three years later. They have four Children. Now she only I think carried one. They had rented rooms for some of the others. Why not? North is seven saint is five. Chicago is too and some is just 19 months, so we know that they're one of the most probably the most famous couple in the world. And so What we do know we do know that Kanye has been very open about his mental health issues. He's been apparently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Um Kim has been very supportive. If you haven't seen the interview with him on the David Letterman Show on Netflix, Uh, this guest needs no introduction that show you can see when the camera catches Kim in the audience. Such deep love authentic love for him, and he talks very candidly about his mental health stuff. So the first sign that a couple is getting divorced is of course, when they start saying things bad things about their spouse. No, Kanye, you could kind of give him a pass because she's even said, Hey, we want some privacy because he's suffering. But he's made some public outburst controversial tweets about his family. He's even said things like You want to came to have an abortion and oh, my goodness. But again in his case, we can give him a pass for some of that, because that could have happened during a state of mania. But the big sign is absence from social media. I have some friends that divorce a few years ago, and I noticed that in the three or four months before she even announced that she was leaving before she even knew she wasn't like the husband wasn't in any pictures anymore. And that's what's happening with Kim's instagram. The last photo that she shared was in November. And that was a throwback photo of her and Kanye and then on another slide in the Instagram post. She put a poem that he'd written for her back for her 30th birthday. Think she's 39 now or something. So basically, I think she was saying to him remember who we were. Remember that you love me anyway, since November all the way through the holidays, he's disappeared from her social media. The rumor is he has been living in Wyoming for a few months. She is in California with the kids, so maybe they are actually separated. Or maybe they're just trying a trial separation and there's Rumors that she has a lawyer in the wings will. Of course, they all have to have lots of lawyers. Anyway. It's rumors at this point, but sometimes people give little hints that they are getting divorced long before they do. Hey, Have you been working on any new year's resolutions? When we come back? I want to break down the psychology of change. Because I know you can change a habit. You just need to understand how you're listening to the doctor Wendy. Well show on K. If I am 6 40 we live everywhere on the I heart radio app. I'm planets to Bonnie in live from the K. If I 24 hour news room, the McClure Tunnel.

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