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And they had an eye on business carlos gracie had an eye on business from the very beginning about getting this that's why they would that's why they did valley tudoz that's why they started these things to get people to see and to peru and to prove how superior resilient you jitsuo who gracie jew who was why me it if there is a dynasty like this a family that has this kind of gravitas in any other and influence i i challenge you to give me their name because i i think as far as the families concerned and what they've done i am lear say as marring right i mean what other family kind of his has has we'll couldn't you say that the grace he's in a way worthy harbinger and the catalyst to mma weren't they the beginning valley toto in woods near warri and rondo it's as far as the ufc sure yeah or just him in what we know is mma the idea of toto and allow louisville would argue bruce lee was kind of the first now you can argue he was a a real fighters no rattling though about it right now but he was kind of the first to mix the martial arts mix open to it because a lot of people guy march large ago wall if i do taekwondo crowded bullshit if i do karate jitters bullshit and brazil that moved chill we can mix it all together and then you might have a complete my only caveats and that is a he didn't fight in rings that doesn't matter he we had such an impact in as an adviser lawyer yes yeah i mean large it race you'll liberal markeith loyd celebs bigs on as also the one who braga that type of business to america when before guys to try and figure hair yeah but you know i think the original valley tudoz were.

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