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The way they interrupt up case you missed it thereby the way As far as who won that schwarzkopf's were scott picked up to dub their the way interrupted a meeting between william rigo and Scarlet gargano talked about how he was the number one champion and looked at scarlet. Does he sang it theory. Meanwhile he couldn't believe how. How huge and word a real Of course you're kinda going Where are we going with this year. You know we're not going there He actually was referring to scarlets nails not or boobs. We'll see we'll see Yeah we'll leave it at nails on. Knx those nails are pretty damn good okay. But no seriously as a result of i. I guess touching scarlet. Maybe this you know we kinda got a a few. That's the new thing i'm wnit. Now i'm going with instant fugate. Instacart i'm going with insta feud because scarlet apparently went and told kerry and what went down and pretty much they whispered in william regal's air. Hey austin theory. We won his ass in a match next week so next week. It's going to be awesome. Theory taken on carrion cross got a lot more to say about that whole carrying cross thing to We'll get to that hot second asher hale was pretty much in a squash match against two new camera. Grimes afterwards cameron grimes. We see he goes to this club and he's ready to have himself some nice action whether apparently when he's talking to the bouncer his name is not on the list. Excuse me but i believe. I'm on the list list lists. There is no guest list to shout out of you remember that song. So camera grabs pretty pissed off about that one into no no. Not cambrian grinds like you know. What do you not understand. Well it turns out million dollar man. Ted be aussie. Who shows up. He's pretty much bought. This fucking club. Were cameron. Grimes is trying to get to any pretty much. Gives him another lesson. Which is hey. If you got the money i'll just rent place by it. Ha- you know it's great to see million dollar man to see back in some form. I don't know exactly where this is going You know. I i hope that maybe in the direction of million dollar man is gonna maybe manage cameron. Grimes i. I wouldn't mind seeing something like that. I think that would be very interesting. very comedic. I think that'd be some really good really good television between the two of them and everything but at the same time people my age and generation we remember million dollar man. Ted db aussie and everything but the younger fans may not exactly know who the fuck this old guy is that all they know is some million dollar man and he apparently has a lot more money than cameron. Grimes they i just kinda wish that. Wwe we do a little bit of a of a better job in kinda bridging the gap there a little bit for those fans that aren't as connected to sometimes you kinda got a spoon feed a little bit. Now say this. I'll say this about a w you look at our own anderson. You look at You look at tilly blanchard. Faulk even look at the fact. That d milenko was out there at the end of blood and guts and he was checking on the status of chris jericho and everything and how to color commentators did a really good job in singling out dima link..

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