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I think he was trying to wake him up but he was really wasn't joe eater for reporters like myself would into the guys as well room and shaun livingston basically that was the baddest at the scene steve kerr all season i think when gain of the year there were time he had now burst but then he kept keeping things in perspective of this is typical symptoms that defendant nba championship teams go through he went through with the bulls and you know if you would always harp on them at some point the the words would wear out the effectiveness but now i think he believes this will be affected because it's only three regular season games of before the real game start in the playoffs and this is one of those games that you don't wanna see i mean give all the credit indiana they've been a really good team that's over cheap but basically to lay two days after basically being an entirely different team against oklahoma city was unacceptable them mark medina's joining us warriors beat writer san jose mercury news so listen i like lebron lot and i think kevin durant great but i think there is a burden with lebron james and tom brady in great athletes messy rinaldo face this they're the most publicized discuss scrutinized magnifying glass twenty four seven kevin durant has never to me felt totally comfortable with that in fact john goulet my buddy you know goulet listen to a bill simmons podcast a couple of weeks ago where kevin durant him bill simmons were having wine and talking and galets takeaway was by the end of it like.

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