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NewsRadio ten thirty. Okay. So here's the deal. We're talking about a person who is brought to my attention that she received in the mail for the registry, motive equals a very bright, orange envelope, which threatens non-renewal of a license and registration can result. If you ignore this, this letter, it's no way to ignore. The letter believe me, it's bright orange. Anyway. Bottom line is this. We know the cameras can make mistakes. We know that angles can make mistakes. We know that reflections can make mistakes. We know p human beings can make mistakes. This woman has never driven this car through the top the I forget, if it was the cow doesn't doesn't take the car takes the car. Locally period doesn't take the car on a total doesn't have a transponder now it would seem to me that the registry of Mon vehicles would should realize that mistakes can be made. And if an individual after all these years of the tolls being electron electric and automated. If this one instance, well, maybe two instances of where supposedly this car was driven through either some of the electron IQ of toll overhangs, or on the mass pike or whatever, if all of a sudden you realize, okay. This only one chances are pretty good that it's a mistake. Yeah. Chances are pretty good. Yeah. So why my proposal is that the registry should say, look, willing wait until you have. Five. Whatev-. Yeah. At least make it twenty bucks or twenty bucks. Right. So as opposed to wasting because who is going to avoid a toll just seems to me. It's just government, not using their head sending this lady a howler. What would be Harry Potter, they'd be called a howler? It's it would be a letter that calls attention to itself by screaming particular case. It's, it's orange, and so it, it caused attention. So the mailman knows she's delinquent in something the neighbors now anybody who sees her male from anywhere. It's going to know she's delinquent something. I told you that I'm so terrified about that. I remember getting a parking ticket for five bucks in Manchester Hampshire. This has to be I don't know, ten twenty years, ten fifteen years ago, covering New Hampshire primaries and I paid I literally was parked outside of city hall on elm street. So I walked in, I took the ticket in within a matter of minutes Pated asked for a copy of my check and then head that stapled to. To a copy of the ticket and kept in a glove compartment, because my fear is you go to renew a registration or renew your license. And if the Reggie says you while you have an outstanding ticket or you have an outstanding up. I don't know. Outstanding toll violation. We can't renew this unless you get it squared away. And I've heard stories about people being having to go halfway all all the way cross-strait to north Adams, Qassam Mita person transpose, the number. And, and it's, it's sort of like the onus is upon you. Yeah. So my, my resolution and I did, by the way, call and left. A message for the PR person of the registry. Didn't get a chance. I realize it's Friday night. We made the decision late. This is not an this is not intended to trash the registry motive. I think that Erin Devinney Debbie excuse me. Endeavoring does pretty good job. We've had the registry in here, but this should. Be reform and the reform should simply be you have to have. I don't I don't care if you want to say five over year or three over a month, but obviously someone who's out there in you get just one to get a Bill for two stalls, and sixty five cents. What do you think people when it costs at least a buck, descendant, of course, will you have to figure out the amount of time that people if you really want to know what the cost send it is? How much time does it take someone to download the information put it into this computer? Get generated, I got a check from the state wants for ten cents cost me more effort to cash. The frequent thing then. Well here we go. See what people think I suspect some others have suffered the same indignity Bill. You a first tonight you I are on the ringcentral nightside caller line. How are you? Hi, guys say stiff taking my call Bill Littleton. I just went down the mass pike down to Britain failed. I have five of those in the mail, they're eliminating jobs. They have a scanner thing. I don't have a transplant. I drive to Maine with my business drive, a lot of a logger, tree guy. I just never had responded. It's ridiculous. So here's my way. Can handle for business? Why don't you have a transponder I pay the toll? I mean, I don't mind him people person people anymore. They're all electron is no toll takers anymore. But would the billions of Dole's in paper that the sending people for a dollar toll? I mean. And it's crazy. So did you did you see Bill Bill? Did you get five separate envelopes five separate Lindsey, so you for two months? Yeah. With the return of alo- whizzing saying that I lose my license everything just because, you know, in my girl, my son goes over the Tobin bridge, if he's in one of my trucks littering lumber as we do you know, it's just crazy in the beginning, the mass pike if you went through the toll, and you'd have money for God, they'd send you a, you know, the second time it was a hundred dollar fine. No. Let me ask you this Bill. But here's my question Bill. It's why not you. You should get if you're going to be using the pike and you're gonna use until roles. I really think you should get a transponder. Absolutely. I am as an example. It's an amazing example of waste to be to send somebody one person. I mean they didn't. They couldn't even send you one Bill, that don't have anything in the computer guys like they were on the same same day, you said you drove the pike in you probably got hit seventy five cents two dollars here. Another seventy five cents here. Right. And the rate is high, but they sent me five fils. Like ten bucks to send those. It's crazy doing this probably thirty percent of people that don't have transponders. Yeah. You know, I wonder what the percentage is Bill. We'll try to get someone on next week, maybe from the ministry and get squared away because I like a little campaign. This intrigue. I, I want to know where all papers covering from the all these people's bills. They're not doing it right. When you chop down trees. Right. Yeah, it just doesn't. That you're not a tree hugger and you saying. Oh, god. Resident is residential of. Thank you, Bill. Thanks so much as great call. Appreciate it. I have six one seven to five ten thirty triple eight nine to nine hundred thirty I think we'll get some more calls like this get a transponder. But if you don't have a transponder because, you know that you, you, you you're retired and you never gonna go on the pike you're never going to go to the airport with your own car. And there are a lot of people don't want to go on the pike. They may not need a transponder. But if they do go on, once let it go. Now, if all of a sudden, they're on four or five times, put the bills together send him a Bill one, one letter one on one that's one step one envelope, and they get your money you can give us a call at six one seven two five, four ten thirty triple eight nine to nine thirty. We will get someone from the registry on here next week on this. I have a sense, I have a sense, we might be talking to someone early next week, particularly if they're listening coming back on nightside..

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