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I uh to make our lives easier air though more productive more productive any in more fun in the kitchen so he's got some godgiven talents study puts to good use their pie no i appreciate of what are some of those toys grant well we he said we've the new updated are smoking gun a why don't we tell everybody what so new and improved about this new smoking gun show up well you know i i get a little history of course because uh the original moltke god oh income claim that uh i did really get kirkwall i never even intended it be aquatic and so i had we linked it going to get device that would allow local food and the ill although claimed that i was never able to smoke or now my we all original the guy and really look like they will inquired byerly bent you with uh little old all uh uh they would clog up quite readily eat at a lot of uh aaron holding and co there's unit that we have developed now they added really he addressed all of those issues it has uh arena local or so easy to clay uh take the greenback out all cases you're you're gonna be burning all the types of wood products all it it can only crumbled to do and there uh the entire quite all being law can eightwicket label a quiet out of two can really get right and they will get you yellow uh and keep fat quyen okay well uh ed held now a variable speed control on the little blower motors op code all come people actually ramambo thomas keller if gap off uh he said that it it could get bottle with blow he strongly under a close it out of the smoking up all kitchen went all he was trying to do with uh a little smoke under a quote for cleveland tasteful so we really tried to hit all the coin with what fantastic jr uh we we we don't use it all the time but when we do use it it is so in it's so easy to do uh i think we're going to have a a stake salad tonight and a spinach sell it and i met a smoke my my spinach phnom tonight with this but you could slow up upon trick uh out like we have a.

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