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Tony this changes everything chris paul's the best player on that team i know james harden is gonna be the mvp of the league chris paul's the best player the leader the clutch player the brains of the operation other than the coaching staff to the point where mike dantonio called him a pet coach on the floor last night before game five tony before games i it's just it's unthinkable are you are you reacting over emotionally i mean there's no there's no word that he's out of game seven six game six a hamstring injury and even if he plays it changes the series it changed it dramatically if chris paul is less than the chris paul we saw last night physically you have them losing the series if he if he's even hair speed if he gets out you can win one game as you and i agree all the time you're forces to but can you win without your best player they couldn't have one without him last night i mean i look at this series and i look at it probably differently than you do i'm truly disappointed in golden state steve kerr said something the other day is a direct quote i feel great about where we are last night last night right so i mean if mike tony said this i'd be sitting here saying he was insane but because i like steve kerr so much i mean i'm not going as nuts on him he can't like where he is because in successive games when it mattered late in the fourth quarter his team had nothing they couldn't even get a final shot they had no the past klay thompson was the wrong pass in game four they made a lot of wrong place last forced errors draymond green fell down with the ball was looking for his mouth mouthpiece like we used to think happened to james harden i look at this if you can't beat houston when paul horn shoot eleven eleven when are you going to beat them to beat them tony how many people in the history.

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