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Again, maybe NS sitting in Arizona. Jack jet vowed a soft spot and now the crowds because we got an Indiana player down on the ground and everything and he's faking a time out to Indiana players Khalil Bryant and Caitlyn Samuels are both down on the ground. But Zac, gentry that time what a nice job open and finding Bryant who made the tackle is one of the players whose down for Indiana. What all started with good pass protection ad time by the Michigan offense. But Indiana sitting back in that zone. Zach gentry man talk about talk about a guy who's really become an offensive threat guy that came here is a quarterback. It's it's just it's just been a treat to watch him instead of getting discouraged when when he's told that they'd like him to become a tight end the big kid from New Mexico embraces it and what a what a football player. He's become Zach gentry's one of those guys. I think he's got a future in the Vickers any questions between six seven at six eight depending on who. Yeah. And harriette quarterback mentality. Dan, he knows the offense. And he's got he's got soft hands. And you're having been a quarterback. He understands the nuances of route running and he knows what a quarterback is looking for. There we go first and ten Michigan from twenty-five Evans's the setback next to Patterson. They give it to have demonstrators left tackle pounds his way down to the eleven yard line. That's a gain of four. It'll be second down and six for the wolverines. They gotta get to the five yard line for the first down ball and Barwick make the stop right to the line. They go they give it Evans. Again, Evans tries the middle. He's down to the seven yard line. That'll make it a third down to Bryant makes this Michigan's got to take their and they take their time on now. Twenty four seconds left to play in the half. They trailed seventeen fifteen but there at the Indiana seven yard line third and one it was Alfred Bryant that time who made the tackle defensive end Khalil Bryant the safety..

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