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They could always do more they could always have a presence But quite frankly when you know you look at what other teams are doing whether it's the the Knicks in basketball the nets and basketball when you look at what the magic do with the community relations celebrating different cultures and heritage being Out there I mean major league. Baseball has a camp Roberto Clemente State Park the only park in the Bronx and the Yankees are not a part of that. It was a rod in his retirement who had to fund that. Can't that baseball camp. So they'll they do things here and there. They will tell you all of the things that they do. But when you all the the most recognizable and Richard Franchise on the planet. There's always more so you can do. And you should be doing Mr Borough president. I don't know if you caught the name of our podcast. It's called pinstripe lanes and the reason being our namesake is the old ballpark lanes that used to be on river. Avin is now knocked down and in doing some research before speaking with you on the phone. I've obviously seen seen the structure that's been built in its place. I didn't realize though that it's affordable housing which I would imagine any official wants more affordable housing especially here in the New York City the area but for you to have more affordable housing right there on River Avenue steps away from Yankee Stadium. What are your thoughts on that? We were consistent in that. How we plan is with a purpose and for the people so you would think that Next thing Yankee Stadium that you would have luxury housing. A lot of people talked about it. There's going to be the beginning of gentrification and that was not the case we've learned from other boroughs we've learned from other communities in the United States and and As I approach developing the the area around Yankee Stadium. We're GONNA do it where we we're GONNA make sure that people people who live in the Bronx or people who are struggling financially throughout the city of New York who of trying to find quality affordable housing can also do it right right across the street from the richest franchise and the most recognizable stadium. So what I would say. That was just the beginning of the catalyst. The best is yet to come. You're going to see yeah. We move forward with thousands and thousands of affordable housing unit. Right around Yankee Stadium before we wrap up Mr Borough President. You've actually referenced a couple all times and I was going to bring it up. I mean obviously I remember the war of words between you and launch. Ross and Randy Levine. Back in two thousand sixteen obviously is a fan. I was is siding with you and siding with people who wanted stop to continue as a partner with the Yankees and wanted the market to dictate the prices rather than the Yankees. Handke's how much do you think of what we read about. Last week is attributed to that dust up and is there a way to move forward. We're both entities can work together there and we don't have this kind of back and forth or are we past that now. I'm past it. I mean I thought that what trump has said years ago on Stub hub issue was disgusting eighteen. You know. I thought that that's not the way anyone should be. Speaking in. Treating their fans many of us grew up poor and loving the Yankees. I remember growing up as a big Greg. Nettles Fan Playing third base in my literally hoping somebody would try to burn my third base line and point to the stadium with my siblings and my dad. And you know when you look now. How many families Bronx families able to go there? And so what. I thought that that attack and so I was. I was really disappointed and it was a shame. How Randy Levine? And Trust came at me when I was simply pointing out that. What Trust has said that was an inappropriate was offensive and disgusting and that it really hurt Many of the fans. So you you know. I don't know if they're tone with this letter is still stems from that for me. I'm just trying to fight for the people of the Bronx. I'm trying to fight for for the bull that I love and whether they believe it or not. I'm trying to help them. Because the box the people in in in in the corporate preside. They're not the players they gotta realize that people love the players love the team and they think that part of that Love Inc.. You know an affinity for them. They need to do better by the people of the bronze they need to do. Better by the fans so that when it was all said I'm done. We can be proud of the Yankees as a ball team and corporate neighbor the Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz. Junior certainly no off season season at his job. Especially when you've got an HBO doc about the Bronx and breaking ground just today. I'm more affordable housing and you got the joker staircase. I'll tell you you're just dealing with everything on top of everything else. That normally comes across your desk. I love the job in the world other than playing shortstop third base for the New York Mr Borough President. I can't thank you enough again for the time and shutting some light on this issue.

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