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Also sending two chinook helicopters prayer for over twenty thousand pounds going areas were you simply can't get your trucks or other kinds of vehicles under the flooding conditions are fair of there right now and national guard spokes men colonel greg hapgood the soldiers that are going are from johnston boone and davenport they'll be moving supplies equipment and people crews from the animal rescue league of i will continue their efforts in texas helping rescuers find stranded pets and staffers are also helping load animals which had been sheltered before hurricane harvey to other states to free up space for animals displaced by harvey the storm water discharge from two big texas gulf coast reservoirs may continue for another week or two at meantime president donald trump says the white house is still putting together an emergency disaster aid request for congress orchid on the verge of it who are doing everything we can work very well with a governor who's done a terrific job promised during a photo op today from the white house of the president referenced texas governor greg abbott at during that event today he did not dead mention a dollar figure though as texas recover tries to recover from the monster storm a decision is expected possibly today about the daca program president trump is considering whether to allow the obama era deferred action for childhood arrivals program two laps he says he may announce a decision as early as today get breaking news and severe weather on facebook click like on the who radio facebook page who radio news time 402 traffic weather and simon conway coming out one more day until kickoff this is.

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