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Start. But obviously he had a huge impact on this game in Frank Gardner coming in for Hank's what did you think of his performance Dawson? Just ready. I really feel like obviously since we've gotten healthy it's cut into some of his playing time. But there's no doubt my mind. Play a big role for us down the stretch and hopefully on the play offs and any came up huge tonight for as they get to give us a lead there, then what a plane center. Pitching came together. One Ron we'll take that. Right. Yeah. It was a little different. Holder getting gets himself out of a jam there in the first inning uncharacteristic where he walks couple of guys, you know, he's usually so good at town zone. The kids out of that. And then Tarpley's terrific sunny was good. And then and then the guy's just rolled it out. Worked out pretty well tonight. So. A good all around effort by obviously a lot guys on the pitching staff. Does it give you anything think about now that you've replicate this exactly for awhile our game playoff game? But does it give you something to think about? Tonight. Look, we feel like our Penn is really deep with a lot of guys that you would consider high leverage guys. So we feel like when we're at our best. You know, when we're arrested we can shorten the game on you. With the guys we we can run out of that bullpen, so. You know, there's there's probably going to be playoff games. You know, where you do see a starter that goes short, and we can kinda roll out our guys in peace. And and that's definitely one of the formulas for us to be successful. Did you have that lineup like that heading into the game or were you constantly adjusting as the game was going on? We tried to. We kind of envisioned it playing out like that. You know, you go through things, and it doesn't always work to plan. We we did consider before the game. We're maybe sunny first and then shave Tarpley for maybe the next round through. But we figured you know, once it was starting with the left you the next inning. We felt like it was a good lane. Dr player and he delivered. And then sunny was able to give us too strong innings as well. And then we felt like if if we could get you know, the game closer or lead into that fifth inning. We felt like we could roll our guys out.

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