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Has a lot of having to tell platoon he's critiquing war i just reviewed apocalypse now in you know that didn't make sense to me as a kid as a teenager one i thought having a better understanding vietnam better understanding of the cia operations and the phoenix program and so forth i really see that as a very brilliant critique of the war as well from from coppola so you know there are a lot of films that were legitimately antiwar and critical of these kinds of operations that i think have been set aside that kind of renegade stuff is gone the all tour as they allege says is no more you're basically at the behest of you know a couple a handful of big corporations now there's not even really the studio system so i would say that yes at different times or have been the renegades that's really kind of going away now to what extent you think today there are sort of a liaison officers embedded in hollywood studios reviewing scripts maybe even funding certain projects yeah i think there's no question it's very very public very well known that we've seen very open collusion at least says the time of filmer recruits the leap et al pacino film which was one of the first films to openly directly work with the ci and creating the narrative featuring liaison consulting on films like chase brandon and milt bearden a former cia operatives who worked with hollywood so this is very well known but actually this goes back to the beginning of cold war or excuse me of british spy fiction when you had graham greene trying to going from in my five am i six operations so that riding a five fiction so the world's of section and the arts spies actually have a long history that goes back to six years globe theatre but in terms of modern hollywood yes it's been there for a long time but only been public really sets the recruit came out right after nine eleven that was kind of a cia recruit type of film but we actually saw this kind of collusion presented in film itself in the movie wag the dog thank you you recall the conrad brean played by robert deniro who's working with is it kind of cia consultant he's working with dustin hoffman character is a top hollywood producer and of course some people think that that might be the cia in cuba symbolically it's hard to say but but even films like wag the dog show this relationship and that was in the nineties so this that was nineteen ninety seven i think so you know this is this has been even presented in films prior to it being known as something public post two thousand two or so why do you suppose hollywood is is so vitriolic in its opposition to the trump administration yeah that's a good question i think that seems to be like a giant pulse i mean i don't know how else to put it that are being a giant colts and anyone who even kind of mildly says something pro trump has the the fear of being blacklisted which is pretty crazy because that's this shows that there's not really any kind of free thoughts and the arts is not a realm of freedom and create seventy like when i think it's completely politicized and i would say that even though you have such a contingent of the deep state being very very connected to hollywood the deep state was connected to hollywood is really that that left democrat side of things that that radical approach and so there's really no tolerance and that kind of a physician that ironically house itself as the loving and tolerant is a fact in reality is very opposite of that i was noticing that james woods terrific actor was recently i and i follow his twitter account just because it can be so outrageous and so at times let's face it politically incorrect it's kind of almost refreshing but he was recently on july the.

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