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How does it dynamic with wear a work your thoughts that's a huge i i i honestly don't know i need to see to see more of them you know if we if we assume dive it's silver will be there in the line of three and kevin durant it will be there in the line of three you know that last does not to spot centreforward and mls side you know or or the other wing rather trucks sterling you've got saana you've got bernardo silva you've got a real zeus gotta wear five superstars for toothpick for two positions and on mm in monterrey this after the break i will be wrapping things up from espn's wide world of sports and gap mccarthy will be revealing exactly how much he paid for those sunglass whenever you get as it's much much less welcome back then heads an espn wide world of sports walt disney world of florida it's interesting when you go away with a group of people i think you always get to know them a little better you know you learn all things that were knowing habits that maybe you had no is in the past but let's face it these wanted i was pretty play and when i say to push it sinoe there was some critics and he said well who's been criticizing me shack appointed without even take me through me under that passed without even a hesitation i sat next to him you all you weren't any fire line gino o'malley newest tear angrily was interesting is that each annually seemed surprised there was criticism.

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