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But i have a question for you and i say i'll carry this over in the next hour why they never had a reckoning over ted kennedy why they never had a reckoning overtake kennedy why do democrats and republicans in the united states senate continue to refer to him as the line of the it why did they treat him with such respect for decades after chappaquiddick on july eighteen slash 1919 sixty nine ditch common knowledge outside the sun the ted kennedy was a sexual predator and a drunk the media have covered this up for decades for decades the praetorian guard media had pretended for decades ted kennedy was this great social war because he pushed hard core left wing progressive policies and they build them up is this great figure great than life figure when in fact chappaquiddick should have been the and not just of his presidential ambitions but his senate career but it wasn't the irony of him sitting there in the senate judiciary committee throwing mud balza clarence thomas just unbelievable or the idea that this man ever sat on something called the senate judiciary committee is unbelievable how come the democrats have had a reckoning would ted kennedy how come was eulogized by barack obama and john mccain and john kerry every democrat eighty percent of the republicans has this great historic figure without ever mentioning the fact that he was a a class a sexual predator and without ever mentioning the fact of chappaquiddick some of the same men who are going after roy more today praised to the hilt ted kennedy yesterday they praised ted kennedy yesterday there was never any discussion about expelling him from the united states senate should he win a special election because he resigned after chappaquiddick and threw himself at the feet of the public and they had a new vote there was never any question about expelling ted kennedy orrin hatch his best friend expelling ted kennedy john mccain's line of the.

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