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Bryan Alvarez, Mike Semper, Eddie Edwards discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network


Five one you're listening to wrestling observer if with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Semper v on the sports byline broadcasting network show brain Alvarez here wrestling's WCHS is four to five seven eight zero seven five six six perhaps we will take some calls later on today they will see much news we get through here there's a lot to get into last night I watched the bound for glory show and not trying to sound like a jerk here but did anybody else watched the show we got very very very little feedback on this bound for glory show it started out it's very bad and I thought it ended pretty good and there was everything in the middle the gutless match at the beginning was not that's good at all twenty person gauntlet with the winner getting a shot at any belt they want Eddie Edwards started Eddie Edwards one we had all sorts of people in the middle you can skip this match but it that way tie Valkyrie Neil Dash would was okay all right RV and right over as Willie Mac and rich Swann versus the north was a pretty good match ending win in the year twenty Nineteen Rob Van dam turned heel not rhino turned heel Rob Van Dam Rob Van dam turn.

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