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Go down. Officers from across the, region gathered today to say goodbye to Ken officer Diego Merano the thirty five year old was a dedicated cop and, father at today's service, his wife shared Wendy eggos boots were, unleased, for the final time more evidence of fatherhood excellence was found a fresh pedicure, in primary blue Jio had taken our daughter for Pettis. Just last, week and she got to choose his color marina was killed during a police pursuit July. Twenty seconds a federal judge in Seattle. Today issued a temporary restraining order to stop the release of blueprints to three d. printed guns they have. No, serial numbers, background checks can't be enforced and three d.. Print a gun or. Meet with materials that will, not sit up a metal detector that's Washington state attorney general Bob Ferguson a Texas company had reached a settlement with the federal government to, release those blueprints tomorrow now that is on hold Washington governor Jay Inslee sculling out the. National guard to help stop wildfires, nearly three hundred or burning in our state now stretching resources the guard plans to send two Blackhawk helicopters let's try that again Black Hawk helicopters in five twenty person. Crews to battle, fires in the northeast corner. Of the state. In northern California cruiser, making progress on that deadly car fire CBS's Steve Futterman reports from red This fire is still burning it's now consumed one hundred ten thousand acres but now it's moving mostly into non residential areas. It's not threatening that many homes and it's now also twenty seven percent contained that means fire crews have established a perimeter around twenty seven. Percent of this fire which. They believe will hold Facebook says it's identified a coordinated campaign to try and influence you ahead of this year's elections here's CBS's Allison key Facebook says it's. Still in, the early stages of its investigation and doesn't yet know who might be behind this it. Says an posted whoever set up these. Accounts went through much greater length to obscure their true identities than the Russian based internet research agency did. In, the past, that agency was responsible for a significant amount. Of election interference efforts. In two thousand sixteen.

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