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Should check it out. There's going to be under the as well as in the youtube description of an article sooner night put a lot of effort to a very important tearless that we created for the voice. Line yes But yeah you should check out. East sports dot g g or follow them on twitter at. I can't believe the gap is handling just east sports. That's that's pretty cool. They worked with jenkins and kaplan. Maybe some more cool names that signed with them to the no was. Let's say that but they're also covering the major and they have all right so check them out. Thank you for sponsoring this episode as always Let's get started. Okay so let me just again rat lawyers and you say it's a bit scuff because i'm too low but you guys are just allowed to be louder. I need green. I don't we don't need to be quieter you need to be monitored. That's right you also realize guests. Is this a no i. I just opened this. They'll just go friendly. You have do without water for a couple of hours now. This is very cool but from richard campbell's on the other side of walls. Well so you might get angry. We'll see how loud we're going to be great if he starts yelling. Okay so let's get started with our patron shots before we actually begin and alewife said that he would actually read these off northern which is gonna be hilarious as his first of art of joining sports g. g. a. will actually reading out the patriots. Geno do it is. This party can put your face up to the monitor. Now you're also have to be so loud because roy what is it. The sons one because syndrome was watching patrons support. Yes that's guy's name is literally four sentences. Yes or the guy in the chair. Mistake busted condom johnson. Lucas frankel commander donut. Finding my life's purpose. Stable to underside gave newest balzac trying to think of something fibrous last week's name i can't get enough of you guys at a major. You guys are the goat article. Do i gave that you get invited to ti thanks. I'm only able to climax. Sunshine is beating cinder parading. I thought this hobbies got the secret formula not disarmament suns fan. My girlfriend found out about this membership so now it must end. I am sad unhappy. Please read wizard's first rule by chak are back to normal playing gains wybert lane associated. His second book should be called splinter. Blast jenkins subscribes to guys a super fun megapixel. Any major wager can. I don't know this word. assange assault. Swatch what does this word like. I've read it before. I know why was. Humor is supposed to be like a sage. Because it's wager right. Let's asia labor danger in favor of lasers t linzie. ti in new zealand. Oh ti in new. Even your expert. Thank you shannon thought. It was tins. Step aside better. That's true xavier. A fickle zero. One has of course the sun and thinks that all lakers van goes socket. Cough cough pop tart vacant as offended syndrome doesn't want to support my work..

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