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Played or practice since going on injured reserve in late November. Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman was dealt more bad news yesterday. The team has placed the 34 year old receiver on the reserve covert 19 list. His teammate Matthew Slater said this when he heard the news. It's been that kind of year and I feel for Julian. But there's one thing I know if there's anyone who can find a way to overcome all those things, it's him and I know that he'll do that. So I think right now we just want to pray that he's okay and that he's feeling well, Hopefully that this is something that he can move past right. The quicker and Celtics training camp begins today. Yesterday, the team formally announced the signings of big man Tristan Thompson and guard Jeff Teague. Brian Antonelli WBZ Boston's news radio to the roads at 7 13. We checked traffic and weather together now, Laurie Grandee and look at the Subaru Retailers of New England. All wheel drive traffic on the threes, Jeffrey, It ain't easy out there right now. Thanks Continue to be very tough coming from the South Shore, The North bound Saturday Expressway Jam granted Avenue to Columbia Road and all Heck has broken loose downtown. Let's check it out with Kristy Naked, the my friend. Sure, it's road report. Laurie came minutes ago, I mentioned possible mayhem in the summertime. That has now become confirms. May have. It's a crash near the exit over the North end side of the tunnel, right Lane is gone, so stay to the left there. The tunnel quickly backing up toward East Boston. Now we've had problems with the crash on the upper level of the Tobin Bridge. Charlestown side of the Left Lane is open to getting here. The center lane remains closed. They're pulling up the last vehicle onto a flatbed record. Now it's got the bridge. Jim solid back to Carter Street in Chelsea. Leverage down wrapped very slow through the lane Drop. Also down with the end to get in on the Storrow Drive, Kristen acting the Monterey Insurance wrote her part. All right, thanks, Kristen. Expect delays now on Route three South found. This is right by roots 62 in Bedford. It's a crash car went into the media. They're also seeing some delays coming around that rap. They're getting onto 1 28 in Burlington. At least 6 to 7 vehicles with flat tires that hit a huge large pothole. Both words mean the same thing in the center lane right before the Framingham Service Plaza. So watch out for delays. There. That's westbound mass Pike in Framingham, with the service area still seeing some tough delays for 95 north down through behavioral approaching the Ward Hill connector to 97 getting through that work area. 24 North Bank continues to be tough as well. 1 30 1993 Laurie granted WBC's traffic on the.

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