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Jason Frey, WTO Benes. It's Friday, August 26th, at one 18. Ramirez in the double DOP traffic center. Thanks Nin just hearing it over the scanners now if you are headed on the this is a little ways away. But if you're headed on the outer loop of the Baltimore beltway, there is an accident seen on your approach towards I 97, keep that in mind if you are making your way out there. I 95 and the VW Parkway are relatively quiet, but it looks like there is a work zone here on the southbound side of 8 95 on your approach towards 95, watch out for that, a bit of a delay building there, the left lane is currently blocked. If you're headed northbound on IT 70, past 85, the work crew blocks the right lane, no delays any longer, but do keep in mind that the ramp to 85 is currently closed Sound found I two 70, not much to worry about, it's a straight shot all the way down towards the beltway. Across the bay bridge, they got work on both spans tonight, a single lane gets you by in either direction. Suitland Parkway is closed, the paved work does not let traffic head pass for its Sterling avenue, as of now, traffic is forced to take for its Sterling avenue. I two 95 northbound has the work crew there just as you make away towards the 11th street bridge. Watch out for that one there, usually they only have a single lane getting by. You're in a loop of the beltway past two 95, the work zone blocks a lane there with no delays. Northbound two ten has the work crew on your approach towards the beltway. 66 eastbound has the work group letting by just a single lane towards the belt way past not least read inner loop has three workers, one near gallows, one as you make your way just past one 23, those work crews are along the right hand side of the roadway, but then once you get past the Georgetown pike, you got two left lanes blocked. Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic. Storm team four tracking the heat and humidity. You can really feel it across the area now and that's the way it's going to be right on through your early morning Friday morning and right on into the afternoon. High temperatures on

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