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And Georgie 90 credit here now offer Georgia Bulldogs piece a debit card. Now you can show your team pried everywhere you go and spin Pick your favorite design Score yours Today. Georgia United makes making easy, friendly and smart for busy members like myself. Attack today with free checking account that pays big interest kisses. Smart choice Visit at G U c u dot or four slash co dogs reported account information insured by N. C U A Georgia United, the official credit union. Georgia Athletics. Hello and welcome to Tino talk. Hi. It's Dad. My own parrot. And I want to play Kino. It's easy. You pick up the 10 numbers than Kino picks. 20 funny shit. The more you met, the more you win tomorrow, you and I know already you could win up to $100,000 every 3.5 minutes. $1000 every 3.5 minutes. I heard him play, you idiot Doctor waiting. What? It all way Dino from anywhere and went up to $100,000 over. 100 times a day. It's not really about the tailgating or even being in the stands. It's not even really about winning or losing. It's always been about being with friends and family making memories for tomorrow while being in the moment today that's what Georgia football means. Are you ready way our since it's different this season, and many of us can't get up the Athens We're going to bring happens to you. Is it Harry Doghouse Com Learn how your home getting experience can become one of your best bulldog memories. This holiday season. Give the gift of an energy efficient home that will save your family and friends. Money all Black Friday weekend job. Georgia Tower Marketplace Calm for Georgia Power's biggest sale of the year on energy efficient products like the brand new Google Nest thermostat on Lee $125 for qualifying, Georgia Power customers shop deals on brands like Google, Honeywell and Ever since. All on Georgia power marketplace dot com Georgia Power the official energy partner of UTA athletics, It's Mark Aaron with stress free talk weeknights at six on 95.5 WSB. Who says Georgia football There's only for Saturdays were satisfying your dog football hunger with the bulldog brunch Once again. Here's your host, Jeff Gansler. Welcome back. It is the bulldog branch from.

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