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All right video podcasting excited to go through the setup for you. It's really three easy components for you guys today. We're gonna be talking about the camera. Setup the lighting and your environment. Those are the three sections will be going through today. So let's start with the camera. Obviously if you want a video podcast year and have to have some kind of camera setup for most of you beginning. You're going to have a one camera setup. That's going to be the camera right in front of you recorded you as you are speaking into the microphone looking right at your face with the background behind you. Some of you might be bold enough to set up a second camera which can be off to the side and that can give you a different angle. So that your editors can have multiple angles to choose from to keep your show interesting now. The camera you have in front of you. Hopefully you can sit up a little further back than i have here today today. I'm working not in the best environment. We are moving soon into a new house. And so i am in our little office in the bedroom and you know i have the light behind me which is not ideal usually. It's off to the side. I have nothing behind me. That's interesting and i can't set up a second camera. The camera in front of me is too close. But we're going to get it done right. We're just if you're a podcast. The job is just get it done. Create the content and forward. So that's what we're doing today but if you want to set up a second camera you can do that. Give yourself a different angle. And if you set up your first camera to be in front of you and further back you also give the editors opportunities to shoot forward and backwards and zoom in zoom out again creating opportunity for more visually interesting content. Okay so the cameras that we're talking about here. They don't have to be fancy people have dsl ours and things they set up. That's for advanced right for you to get started really. I want you to buy a simple webcam that you can put on top of your computer or on a tripod just behind your screen somewhere now. That webcam there's lots of brands out there when it's very common and reliable is logitech. I have the c nine twenty two. I believe it is from logitech.

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