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Its new soccer stadium years Paul miles Messer and harm and construction companies have been selected to build the sixty five billion dollar stadium. In the butcher town neighborhood, the two contractors also teamed up to build the Adidas expansion at cardinal stadium. Lou city president Brad ESTES tells W L K Y construction begins this week. I mean, look around you. We have thirty five acres that will include hotels bars restaurants office buildings and by the way, they're really nice. I passed soccer stadium. So it's this is legacy type before we talk about it. It's been changes. The city of the eleven thousand three hundred seat stadium is scheduled for completion in spring of twenty twenty Paul miles. Newsradio eight forty W H A S six oh to it. Newsradio eight forty W H A S a man facing charges after his accomplice. And the robbery was shot and killed nineteen year old Travis Jordan is charged in connection to the shooting. Death of twenty one year old chase Haskins on November fourth police say Jordan Haskins and a teenage girl planned to rob a man at crumbs lane elementary school, the robbery resulted in Haskins death police said marijuana was taken from the intended robbery target. Jordan was booked into Louisville metro corrections and charged with complicity to murder and complicity to robbery. Suzanne Duval, NewsRadio eight forty W H A S, it's becoming clear just how long those migrant. Points on the US Mexico border after way before the US will allow them to claim a Silom. We now know these caravan members won't be able to claim asylum anytime soon in new estimate from US customs and border protection immigration cases, are so backed up right now that it will be between five and eight weeks before the first asylum case will even be allowed to be made. And with a number of caravan members, it could be eight months before they can all be made for now the migrants, you're living outdoors in makeshift tents in the elements with children ABC's Alec stone on the border near San Diego, Mississippi as elected its first female Senator in state history. Despite allegations of racism Republicans, Cindy, Hyde Smith, defeated democrat, Mike Espy in a runoff election. As ABC's Dave Packer tells us Mississippi hasn't elected a democrat to the Senate since one thousand nine hundred eighty two this year's race became surprisingly competitive after Hyde Smith was caught on video joking about attending a public hanging at her victory speech, Hyde Smith telling. Supporters. She's grateful voters look beyond allegations of racism night in this victory. The reason we one is because mississippians know me, and they know my heart and thank you for stepping up Mississippi. Concession democrat. Mike Espy telling supporters the turn out was uplifting. And this made people speak up. It is not a law. It's a movement. Dave packer. ABC news the Lexington. Fayette county health department reporting three new restaurants, where a worker had hepatitis say Hardee's on Richmond road, the waffle house on Buena Vista and the waffle house on Carrow Road in.

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