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He's trying to hold on to the wolves. So Paul, let's get right to it. Do you think the Timberwolves experiment is going to pay off considering all the stuff going around these wolf steam understand what tips is trying to do because he's had players that he's wore what he was comfortable with. But those players are pastors, their prime, this team, Chicago, the top defensive team. They won't be that Minnesota because your team is built around your young stars. You gotta try to get them to buy in and when you're comfortable like that usually doesn't work out. You know, Doc Rivers brought me into the clippers Glenn Davis San. He bought Jeff green all who we play for him under the Celtics. So. Gracious. That's what it is, but I just don't see that working out. Then the young guys, they're like, this is our team, you know, and then the old bulls come in and like, this is the way things should be done, but that's not how it works. Now, this is a new generation back. Did you find when you were at the clippers? Was there some of that with? You know we wasn't. We weren't all at the same time. You know, Glenn Davis, Jeff green came in and I came in, but you know, he has all his old guys. They're the same time, and I wouldn't be surprised if no ends up there this year also, so that that'd be odd situation. That'd be kinda weird. I'm with Paul on this. I think anything creates a bigger issue in the locker room potentially because you have these different factions now with these teams. But to your point, there are two things coaches do when they also run the show from a personnel standpoint, and that's they bring in players they're familiar with that they coached or whatnot or players who beat there. But basically when they're on the other side of it. So we have this situation here with Tibbs and ultimately Laghouat. Dang is not gonna tip the scales in the western con. Imagination. No, absolutely not, but you're right. He is thirty three years old. I think he still has something left in the tank, but I just think Tibbs is going to run into this situation where a lot of coaches run into this. It's just too much to handle to handle the coaching day-to-day stuff and handle the personnel day-to-day stuff. I mean in canton really of the case where technically pop has thority over all of it, but obviously are Cebu for doing so much of that work in that department is doing so much of that work. Have you seen it work in basketball? You've been in the ins and outs of this league for so many years. Does it work when one guys doing everything? No, not at all. You need something to come from the leaders on the team. They need a new voice at times because the coach GM manager, you know, you don't wanna hear that constant voice until allow voice. He doesn't really allow a lot of people to speak, but I think maybe it is. It could be a good thing to bring in day because he's another boys as a player, and you need that in the locker room. Somebody respect. He's not brought over there to tip the scales, not at all. We all know that, but he can be another leader in the locker room to get the other young is to buy into what he's preaching and he needs that. But you know how much respect to these other guys in the locker room have to further your point. I did one of their. I did that first playoff game in Minnesota against the rockets, their first game, fourteen years, and the lack of relationships within the locker room was palpable and I was there for two days. Okay. And you could tell that there was real discord in that particular locker, one of their quick thing by the way you mentioned the way tweet..

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