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And it's it's clear It looks per perfectly clear, and he said you had Minimal trouble unless no trouble, don't you? Yeah, yeah, no problem. And when I came in on the Kennedy Expressway. It was snow covered, but you know they had a couple of lane's already had been plowed, the snow was still coming down. Like crazy because you know, I came in super early because I wasn't sure what I was going to run into. Andre, but you know they're out there and they're cleaning everything and I think we're gonna be okay. You know, but we are still looking a little bit of snow today, Right? Oh, yeah, untraditional one inch to four inches again, depending on where you are. Mike posted snow totals about an hour ago. WGN TV. New Lenox came in with nine inches, Lockport and Gurney both with 8.5 inches, 8.5, also in the Oak Park River Forest area, so we will have more. In addition to that. It's one of those slow, meandering storms that we're seeing. You know, we haven't had one like this in a long time. Had for gotten that on January, 31st. 10 years ago, which is today's January 31st. Right, 10 years ago, 21.2 inches of snow was amazing. Dramatic snowstorm That was the legendary one Snowmageddon Snowmageddon that shut down Lakeshore drive right. People were just abandoned their cars right in the middle of Lake Didn't Roger Bad ish? Yes, he was talking about unknowingly stuck in thinking he was going to get home sooner or later and it took a very long time We were in the news room all Night with that, and he was phoning in reports. We were taking reports from him every half hour on with Stephen Johnny of that night. Yeah, so we've you know, the I mean, I guess in some areas they're saying it's about a foot but 10 years ago, 21 inches. Yeah. Come on. Yeah, I'm gonna have to go through some pictures. I took of the loop afterwards that day, because when that storm cleared off the sky just got incredibly clear and made for some great images. And he did You take some shots at all that after that storm, you know, I was not living here at the time. Oh, okay. You were I was playing golf. You were in the mild tropics of suspected Omega's Hey, you know, I'm playing. Come on. It's funny. My brother called me that day. And he kept only where Where are you? Where are you like? I don't want to tell you where I am. He's like, Where are you? Come on. I'm about to tee off on whole seven click. Yeah, nobody wants to. Okay. I told you. I don't want to tell you. Nobody wants to hear that story. One. Um I was looking at January storms, of course, the 1967 Storm. From, you know again if you're under 90 years old, maybe you remember the big stuff, 67. That was the biggest ever right And still Woz. Yes. 23 inches, right. Just buy a two or three inches but stand that that one still holds a doozy. That was a doozy. I made it. I paid for college that you're shoveling people. So I made enough money shoveling snow that you're actually pay for my college. Um, the 1999 we had in January 21.6 inches. Of snow that was around New Year's Day. It was right at the start of the year. Think it was like January 1st second? Yeah, kind of thing. And in 1979 member of the Blizzard of 70. No. Yeah. Yep. Famous blizzard of 79. 20.3 inches of snow that I remember best that was shown me that was the station that we both worked at at the time. W F Y R Okay. I wasn't. I wasn't there yet, but I really like you were at fire Fire radio and the management said, you know, we're gonna have this big storm and we like to keep you jocks as they call those jockeys. The jocks. We like to keep you guys close by just to make sure you can get to work. So we're gonna.

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