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Return ram hord that I found that five below so wasn't quite free, four dollars. You got screwed Ronin. You're wrong fucking price that. Okay. So. Okay, I've got this cool button from David Kay. It is signed by David Kay. And yeah, let's get a sample. Turn it on. Yes. Excellent. Terrorize. Side, guts. Very cool. Thank you. David Kay. Now, this is from Darrell Darrell, picked up a battle trap for me and battle trap doesn't come with any weapons, but I did at my local target. I finally found wave to tighten masters so he's got a alpha trion land mine and alchemist prime sub rotter. So he's, he's packing heat this battle trap. So that's, that's all the show. Let me got the cards, sue. So I've got onyx road trap and atrocious battle slash here. That's all I'm gonna show off today. And I'll let the Derryl bring it home with the the massive hall. I'm sure he's got from from Jeff gun. Thanks for picking up that battled trap for me. No problem. I'm sure you'll pay me for it at some point. Oh. I, I am going to also save some stuff as well. I got. I got a lot of stuff and pretty sure I pissed off James Roberts. Okay. So my my, my books that I have here, this is. Okay, Optimus prime number twenty. This is the ks alma primal and megatonne cover. This is a pretty sweet fucking cover. This is pro office prime twenty. This is the case caller cover. I'm really liking the series of covers. This is obvious prime Twenty-one. Same cover. Jeremy, got, and I also got the case color for that. This is law slight number twenty. This is cover be the Jack Lawrence star saber and cyclone cover. But minds also featuring a signature by Mr. James Roberts, this is my unicorn number one covers this is the regular cover this assigned by Alex melon as well. This is the integrative color. This one I. Like quite a bit. It's pretty awesome. This one here is these are two stadium comics ones both signed by Alex and Josh Peres. This covers awesome. I like it quite a lot. Yeah. So I picked up to those this this comic in even I haven't read it yet, but I'm looking forward to reading it. This is Jim IRS Emmers comic. They made a comic and it's the rejuvenation electronic saviors comic. And yeah, picked up that that is Jim Emmers on the cover. They are now robots fighting cancer cells in your body. Role is true. So I picked that up. That's pretty. Awesome. For Jim Rosen school does cancer research? No, I forgot to get them to sign it. Yeah, they'll be end of the glaring glare nece. This is my commission from Matt Moylan. He did scarlet spider on my scarlet spider. So he did that for me. I saw posted it on after he begged and was after me to send a picture of it because he'd never took a one at the con. So yeah, that's that was that that's if for my comics, I did do a little bit of shopping, like I said, hold onto this. I bought from the Doug or not. This is classics sky warp, the one seeker I was missing out of all of those seeker molds because he came with ultra Magnus, the pain in the ass define. So I picked that up from Doug. I picked up. Trash talk and cog. We'll I have that gun for trash talk, and I never actually got one of them. So I did a really good deal on. It was forty bucks, so pretty good, twenty bucks figure this was given to me by the very awesome. Third, Sergio. This is his. His. Customized class figure. So this is customized by sir third surgery and he didn't want it anymore. So. Already should know. So. Sergio, if you ever want this back, let me know. I'll give it back to you, but it'll stay here for now. It's a. Nemesis prime or toxic Tron I guess they made it. Yeah, talks drunk. Yeah, it looks pretty good. Yeah, you did a good job. I've transformed it back and forth. Yeah, school, good job. I got one of these buttons. I two of them, but it's signed by David as well. Let's take it for a test drive. That's okay. We know what it does. Sound board can't wait. Yeah, I show. These this one so that I can put it away..

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