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One of the great moments in MLS history. Thank you. And he had the assist too to be dead for the game tangle. Which by the way, so pass the fact that he's a legend now. He's been loud in his best player the last two years, and the thing about him is he covers the most ground in every game, and he does a little bit of everything. And that's why they love him. His ability, they often play him out wide, but he comes inside, but his ability just drive and drive and drive at teams. And so you see it in the assist and the goal. And I think he would be even more effective as a starter as his career goes along because of his fitness. Seems like dedicated is a good nickname, too. It's a great nickname. Yeah. Seems like Wayne is going to be playing a number of kids as we say. 33 or 16. That's it. Either you're either 33 or you're half that. All right, give it to me, Doyle. What do you like? Demure cry lock being back, scoring a banger. I'm not a banger, but like a really nice goal for him after missing. He called it, he called it a go lasso in the green room. So Diego calls it a gloss so I think I'm gonna go with them. I like to try so hard not to disagree. Zhao polo being back, I thought he was excellent last night. Brad guzan and miles Robinson being back. Miles struggle a little bit. I thought guzan was pretty good in that game and hasani dots and coming back as well for Minnesota United. These are guys who basically missed all or most of last season. You never know how with injuries that are that significant, how guys are going to look upon return. But all of them, I'm not going to say we're perfect across the board, but really, really encouraging. And I like to see that.

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