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They call you that but I love it Brenda called me or else he's six foot eight not happen he loves beef jerky so we column the world's tallest knows Belfast what do okay yeah but if you're an al Fayed well I guess I'll scan like elves can like beef jerky I guess they can it's all good are you good yeah it cookies yeah you guys have a great podcast it's called the insider's guide to the other side you talk about things like dead people hiding your car keys what gives right we talked about is that we talk about or we it we try to explain the unexplainable and won the other topics that most people are interested in it naturally the spirit of leveling that have passed and so we you know talk a lot about those energy that we can't see our and and really explaining how that happens in a different way they communicate with us and and things like that we also talk about ghosting counters hauntings we talk about the really everything and the and they had a metaphysical world do you is that what you're talking about things people don't normally talk about and we're giving them an opportunity to get some information and they'll they'll emailing out there dealing us and you know coming in and sharing stories that and they'll say I've never told anyone right okay they love that they finally get to have conversations about topics that may not be considered socially polite well out so they're coming out of the closet no I this is interesting because I just I just finished watching this show unidentified on history channel and it's these navy pilots that have been talking about these videos of UFOs right and one of the the whole premise of the show is they want people in the middle of military people who have seen these things have been afraid to come forward because well they're in the military and they could you know people be like you're crazy you know and there's like this month it's associated with it you know I it's interesting because I'm I'm actually this is Julie I'm reading a book about the position that are coming out coming clean about stories that that use that they can't explain right so right and and and so I think that this is happening everywhere and it's happening amongst a lot of professionals scientists a list and you know we're here to talk about it all do you mean the dot that the physicians are talking about like seeing spiritual things at the end of people's lives are in near death experiences they can explain what are they what are they reporting all of the above all of that you know there's also your pipes some of them what but Brenda just mentioned are about healing so there's a woman who is a really good friend and I'm I'm mine her name is Anita more Johnny and she's had what's called a near death experience where she died for well over half an hour from came from stage four cancer came back and body healed within two weeks completely healed itself really these things are unexplainable to sign as yet you should it's it's a great book and it's going to be me I would highly encourage a structuring and and it's a small personal example is I had a friend who is scheduled I didn't realize it but he was scheduled for kidney surgery the next a kidney stone surgery the next day and he called me crying he was in so much pain he's likely to see me it was you know can I get on your healing table thank I put my my table they give me everything I could to just get him out of pain and the horror of surgery they stand down and is getting those are completely gone and like twelve hours later wow yeah things like that they cant medically explains other than someone must've missed filed your tax rates of course right right the story and they really if it is a story that I just read in the spot where a physician his wife was having their fifth child and this story talks about the great grandmother and his wife coming in and effectively telling her not to take any anesthesia and she saw her her grandmother and and the kind of shake your head no don't do it so she did and she would've actually she did take it she would have died because he ate before she went to the labor right land but her her great grandmother had actually died twenty two years prior wow that's fascinating do you do both of you I guess this question would be both of you do you think there is because one of the things my wife and I were talking about we we have a tradition at Christmas time right after on Black Friday the only thing we do we don't Christmas shop on Black Friday we only thing we do is we go to Walmart where they put out those really cheap Blu rays and DVDs and we observe people and we dig through those DVDs and Blu rays to find good movies but the thing that she noticed was that there were so many really dark horror movies and we were talking about this and and I feel like there's a a almost an unhealthy fascination with the darker side and do you guys sense that that's picking up that people are searching or in seeking for something that is outside of this world but that it's kind of leaning towards the darker side than it should be at Brendan life I handle this one I think I have some experience and at and then away yet but you go for ever and then you'll correct me I'm sure not at all not at all there's a branded as bricks everything comes out of my mouth my former job was in Hollywood so I was a president she's got a strategist at twentieth century fox I know that title doesn't exactly fit with what our plight guesses about right Sir right is that we all don't have to be just one thing so what I found and and and with entertainment is that it is it has so dramatized yeah that horror genre that it has absolutely scared people to death about things that the other side and I think people are looking for edges to feel more peace not to be scared and I think that's what happened in the you know or their those forces that exist of course there are I actually write a lot about some of those forces in my book but it's not the only thing and so there is a lighter side to it but that is just a really heavy on the dark side and that is just you know scared the crap out of people British only that thank yeah yeah right I would have for that I think people are also they have experiences maybe seeing something or something something and they actually want more information because it's really a tearing him buried in people don't trust people you know again I can I go to this person or not I don't know and so they can literally turn to Hollywood yeah is that like my experience is that I think they really are searching for relief and across the wrong place to look for the all right Brenda wrong place to look for the right overall I agree it's wrong and that's right game from yeah we have fascinating insight into this the the podcast is called insider's guide to the other side it's hosted by Julie rigor and Brenda villa thank you all for popping on with us we appreciate it and I have a very happy.

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