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On Highway 702 at Jackson Road. This collision as traffic alternating in each direction. Your next report at 10 34 I'm J. Phillips on Co Moh news Your co Moh forecast. Good evening. Art Sanders. Mostly cloudy tonight. Chance of rain overnight lows in the thirties. Tomorrow. Mostly cloudy. Slight chance of rain in the morning upper forties. Mostly cloudy Friday. Upper forties again and Saturday. Rain likely in the morning. Mostly cloudy chance of rain by afternoon highs in the upper forties Upper forties again Sunday and Monday with rain at times and Tuesday Mostly cloudy chance of rain in the morning. A slight chance of rain in the afternoon highs in the upper forties. Overnight lows in the thirties. That's your latest weather from the Comal forecast team. NBC. Entertainment News. I am Paul Brujo last when that lady over the years Cloris Leachman from 1970 four's Young Frankenstein, Leachman passed away of natural causes Wednesday, her career spanning more than seven decades, appearing in a number of film stage and TV productions, including The Mary Tyler Moore Show. She was a long time partner of Mel Brooks to appearing in high anxiety and history of the world. Part one meeting. Cloris Leachman. It's 94 when you see these are the stabs here looking for the U. S post office, announcing a serious of Star Wars theme stamps that focus on droids from that galaxy far, far away. Look for those in the Spring Great Gatsby, making the move to the small screen, according to reports, saying the studios are working up a television version of the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. And Happy Birthday. Pink Floyd's Nick Mason in 77 Wednesday that Wolf ABC News Canadian man is adding an extra kick to the Guinness World record Book that Madison has more. Mike Jack broke a record by eating three Carolina Reaper Chili Peppers in just under 10 seconds. The Chili Peppers, which are the hottest in the world, had to weigh at least 100.18 ounces each. Video shows Jack tearing up and trying to keep the peppers down after swallowing them. And he did just that. I'm at Madison tired of the same old, same old thing. Get over two sheets where we're shaking things up. Right now. Our most popular milkshakes are only 3 99 or less. Sip your faves from our Oreo cookies and cream milkshake peanut butter lover milkshake made with Reese is for our peanut butter pretzel milkshake made with Greece is take five. Just order on your sheets app and pick it up curbside. After all, who doesn't want a break from the norm, sheets run and done. If you're looking for a fresh start, why not start with cleaner floors? Now it lows get a Samsung Jet 70 Corliss stick vacuum with a turbo action brush and a rechargeable battery that can be swapped for a spare for uninterrupted cleaning power. It's the perfect handheld tool for cleaning up all that dust, hair.

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