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Keeping the girl dot com slash. Dad is has the entire debt. Saga right say you were into that and you wanna hear daddy issues with my brother ken. The side podcast where we catfish him as a new person all over again go there. Download all those shows. If you're not into it after two weeks get out of it. But i'll i'll come up front. So what's the catch keith. We think we offer so much. You're gonna stay. That's what we think but try for two weeks. See if we get. You're not if you follow us on youtube. Hit the bell yard. He know that we have some exclusive surprises. If you've been there. I love the videos. That are coming out the zor cheeses putting these out fast and furious right. Yeah yeah we're trying to catch up so we can have a So right now. We're about two maybe three weeks behind on what episode is coming out and then what we wanna do is like audio comes out quickly followed by the video. You also have old episodes. Like if you're fan of dan soder he's been on our show several times. And you could just look for dan sotos episode the episode where he got sober and talked about it. The episode of how he stayed sober really a lot of sobriety in like when he was overweight as a kid him not feeling I don't know why. I'm focused on dan. Soder we've got matteo lane a lotta people search for happened. We have in the book Dan soder coming up but he's one he's one of these guys that helped get me sober without him knowing it. I'm like all right. You're a smart guy that had it together. And you. I guess but you did behind the scenes now yet you have it more together and of course didn't lose some edge. That's a stupid excuse. Artists make up yeah. I loved him. Come and clean no pun. Yeah you know what that was a very big deal because he had he had. Beer sponsors A beer tour. He was doing a lot of alcohol. Related experiences and opportunities. That i was like whoa. You decided that you're gonna tell these people that you're being sober and still have a better life and he did. Yeah so yeah. I guess. That's what i'm focused on the videos. Are there on youtube. It's under the profile name keith. And the girl factor handles keith. And the girl on all platform so whatever platform you're scrolling through right now. Facebook instagram read twitter etc. Make sure you follow us. Rate there the stewart right now okay. All right The big news. Of course breaking the internet as they say is ben affleck and jennifer lopez our on a boat again as they were in pictures and some infamous music video and his hand is on the same asked that it was in this now famous picture. And you know it's all planned Setup but how beautiful love is love and they're back two point. Oh is for real. Yeah i love ben and jenny ice cream. Don't getting no they were missing. That's exciting is working on new names. Thinking and jenny is so good. come on. let's keep that going keeping love going. You love to see love. Just don't try to force jennifer lopez in a movie with you. If you're ben affleck i think geely ruined the relationship i mean at the you get all this attention on you fucks with your head and you were just old your horrible actress because you did a movie with your boyfriend. Yeah but i kind of think the opposite. I think this is so that it can give them an opportunity. Do another geely which we're all very excited about because it literally was the worst movie on earth. Like if you didn't edit some old old movies that didn't have like good anything. It would still be better than this is a jaw dropping lee horrendous amazing and i think they're like oh yeah let's do another one. Here's here's the promo for it. In fact i think they should do jelly three and see if we even look for jelly too. I did who who gives a shit. That's funny because then people be like wait. Where's julie to and ben affleck as like. Oh you want it. I just don't know what you're doing. Well of course there's a whole it's a story miss now. You're the president. Interested how i became the present damage. But how how interesting that they would set up like. You said the same boat. It's very conscious. Yeah same boat the same. The thing that I remember seeing that video with j.lo's video with him in it. And going like whoa. He touched her but in the video because in a way of felt like all. You're giving this asshole. The upper hand of like touching your assets. Your video you know like right. You're you're actually. She's on her front and he's the one you know half sitting up so he's in control something i i know it's wrong but if felt like that so it i remember it and then i remember blowing up. I remember it being sort of this iconic moment so for them to repeat that. Exactly imagine the the talking about that. You know we should fucking do how fucking let's see guys still have is fucking boat you put your hand on my ass. Latifah exploded again with these idiots and then we make the next geely. If they want this they want julie. Are they both into it. That it's cute as ben like you're worth it qadam. I guess i don't understand straps. You know what. I didn't even think of that. I just think like both parties like. Yeah but you're right like bennati deliver. I mean he wasn't happy with his life but you know all the pictures of him was in taking a garbage or carrying too many dunkin donuts. Coffee wants he. He didn't look like a happy man. he doesn't seem like an instagram or per se. You know what you're right. He seems to have less control over. What the paparazzi catches than jaylo. And i i'm embarrassed by the appropriate says she goes. You make phone calls aso. Everybody likes to be invaded right. If you give them the opportunity they don't catch you throwing the garbage. They catch you going into the club so pick one and all them up with your schedule. Were keiko's and this is the thong right. this is the same one. Okay we're set right. Oh my goodness. Oh ben and jenny taking. Are you watching watching any of the the olympics. I know i love your root for america. Of course how can you not zooming Assuming you're from here. I used to find it. Charming but still discuss with myself when i would watch the olympics. But i got ribs and both my hands on chugging down twelve mozzarella sticks gal gadot and you know we all know the. You didn't lay imperfect bound when you landed you. Suddenly become an expert on gymnastics. I've seen better. Oh that was a splash. That's like watching a workout video. I remember in the show love. What one of the characters was sitting there watching tai-bo do you remember tai-bo working and punching the incredible work out where you pretend like you're punching people which is ridiculous but a great workout room comes in it's like oh wow are you. Are you thinking of doing this. She goes no but i'm definitely masturbating. This later used fit. of course. yeah. Now i deliberately go out of my way to grab a monk. Pack you've heard me mention this the other week monk pack healthy snacks or they have a bad reputation right. You don't pays good. They don't feel like you. Force yourself to do it and then you hope you're not hungry because you don't get that satisfaction food. Yeah exactly monk pack kito. Granola bars contained one gram of sugar to three grams of carbs. And they're only one hundred.

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