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Finding some humor yeah releasing some of the stuff and i wanna talk more about this and how we can process some of these negative emotions and things when we come back today's anxiety slayer podcast is sponsored by health iq if you listen to inside slayer regularly you know we're health conscious we often recommend healthy nutrition walking in nature yoga and an overall fitness plan for your mind body and soul with our love for health and wellness we found a usbased life insurance company who wards their clients with exclusive special in lower rates for being mindful and health conscious health iq tells us that they can help you save between four and thirty three percent on life insurance because people who are physically active have a lower risk of heart disease cancer and diabetes compared to people who are inactive health i saves you money on life insurance for choosing to live a health conscious lifestyle that's pretty cool checkout health i q for a free quote and please mentioning zayed's slayer you can go to health i q dot com forward slash anxiety slayer for more information hey michelle before we went to the mid break we were talking about how to process are negative emotions and i'd love to have some feedback from you about that topic in this is great because i i wanted to share with you what my whole take on eggs i feel like anxiety is an actual emotion from my the adult share model what i say is is the physical manifestation of unfilled emotions.

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