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We should do a prediction, and we should also do like a urine review, and we might have done that last year. So maybe we should listen to last year's New Year's episode. True. True. We should do that. You should what if we predicted things. Yeah. Okay. Well, let's we'll go back. We'll listen to whatever. And then I don't want to. Yeah. Eight here. Anyway, we'll just talk more about that later date. But probably like whatever the last upset of this is for the year. Yes. Whenever that is. I said the what the last year while when? I don't know. It's two weeks because I just need to know for my own records. I think it's like the day after Christmas. Honestly, it is. Well, it's the yeah. The twenty six. Yeah. Okay. So yeah, we'll do that. Okay. Well, thank you guys for hanging out as always two hundred and forty episodes. That's a lot. God bless you vinca. Stay tuned. The rest of y'all we'll see next week nothing to really clink here. But we'll try shitty. Pasta by. We love clinking are reusable cups. Nature. Okay benches this week. This is what we're town. You're going to go. It's got a weird name. This really really good while while gross. You really sit. Say sailed that. But sold is what I meant. I don't know. More. Will we get to this part of the podcast, usually my brain did all that talking out of her? All right. Let's start off with Gordon who's going to climax Georgia. I love climaxed door to honestly never been there. But I wanted maybe I don't Jackie Goldfarb's going to good intent New Jersey, which I would say just sums up jersey. General Sir booth is going to bacon level, Alabama. Someone called feed 'em Corby is going to coupon. That's where I'm from good. So true and Joseph leases going to accident, Maryland, Madeline Young's going to why city the letter y what is that Arkansas? Yes. Well, this is going to be another test fucking test. Just Monica is going to money Mississippi, but he wrote MS money, MS like, that's my name MS money Taylor Sutton's going to Satan's kingdom, Massachusetts. Amy Ray Felix is going to difficult. Tennessee wanna talk to glean he's going to tightwad Mississippi or Michigan Michigan. It's Michigan is mission. What's mississippi? Animus those shut the more. You know, Lauren Niyaz is going to nowhere. Colorado, Kim Vander sluice's going virgin, Utah described and. And this is going to hazard Ville, Connecticut. Kimberly prose is going to Kickapoo Kansas. Phil is going to truth or consequences. New mexico. Shut the fuck up Brooke grenades. Going to big beaver PA savannah, publicity is going to forks of salmon, California. I'm moving shantelle Piat's going pie town, New Mexico. Haley Boucher is going to bone gap. Illinois, grandma's going to gas, Kansas. So fiar mill is going to slap out Oklahoma Chelsea Grundy's going to what cheer in Iowa. Stephanie Lee is going to Scotties junction in Nevada. Michelle Cox is going to happy corner. New Hampshire Rebecca MAC is going to marrowbone Tennessee. Leslie right is going to licking Montana. That's or Missouri. I think it's Missouri, Montana's. Mt. Why couldn't you have ran out of the state? Lisi Gwen still is going to spread eagle Wisconsin, I live there. Catch is going to searchlight Nevada. Using adults is going to yeehaw junction, Florida. That's in red. Jess Adams is going to alone. Michigan. These Boston is going to dead horse, Arkansas copied Sony burns going to blue ball me. Just getting main. Juanita car is going to Cape disappointment Washington. We still have to go there. I know we have to Liz Halbrook is going to hell for certain Kentucky. You're going to hell Madison. Grier is going to great kills New York. Khloe Ireland's going to idiot Ville, Oregon Caitlin Wayland going to white pigeon. Michigan or Mississippi. I'm just gonna it's Flynn's going. All kaneohe. Hawaii MacKenzie night is going to neutral, Kansas voice, just brakes and Rachel Evans. Going to rabbit hash Kentucky. Call the rest of y'all are going to intercourse PA or Rovan ready. Bird in hand. There's so many we've got Stephanie Harrison Samantha Greece. Taryn Parker Dhabi spell Mendez and Allie Malone. So thank y'all for coming. If any of y'all live in any of those places, please let us know or have been there that would be so funny. I would love that. All right, y'all. We'll see you next week. Bye..

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