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I tried to convince molly that seeff food is good she is okay with tuna mud not much beyond that and i'm somebody who i like everything except for mooney which is see origin in sushi japanese cuisine pretty much all other seafood i'm into although i will say and this may be a little controversial for some of you i may i may lose a couple of you over this but i think that swordfish is overrated yeah that's right i'm going to say i think swordfish is overrated as a protein for the grill i think that it's off in a little chew and a little fatty and i would much rather have let's say a chilean sea bass which listener of this show no is a renamed version of the patagonian toothfish true story in a stroke of pr brilliance some fishermen and fisheries reason companies decided that the patagonian toothfish was not an attractive name so they renamed it chile in sea bass and now it say i believe a billion dollar fishery it's a huge product a lot of obviously coming off of the cosa south america so i think there are much better fish options out there i love scallops and i'm trying to convince malaita she does you know some people just have their food they don't like people try to convince me that they try to convince me that too sandra tomatoes are acceptable and i'm just like why do you hate america casandra tomatoes or the grossest there they're the worst they ruin anything therein that's right i'm going to say they ruined anything that they are in it's like oh all these other ingredients you put in that's fine i can't tastes them because i'm too busy shooing on this shula whether that eupol sundried tomato i that's right now i hate sundried tomato not afraid to say all right with my little culinary diversion here i'm getting excited about what the cookies we him i'm going to let it a her unrelenting simmer excited to be with you every day next week so please do some of your thoughts over the course of the weekend about the show uh facebookcom slash buck sexton is a great place to do that you can also follow me on twitter buck sexton i'll be on fox news.

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