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Radio. And the browns are being talked about tonight man up by walls or closing in on Baker Brown's need some answers from Baker Baker gotta go back to be in the player that he was two years ago. What's going to happen with the BROWNS THEY LOSE I think this is a great opportunity for Zach Taylor I think it's a great opportunity for this franchise. To change the narrative to a large degree but the the whole winning culture part. At some point has to involve winning. who better to do it against then a quarterback who is already being positioned as one of Joe Boroughs, main rivals, and I'm here for it man. With a franchise that the speaking at least has a rivalry built in with you. Against a team that is coached by a rookie head coach that got its teeth kicked in last week by Baltimore. That people are starting to wonder not even starting to wonder have been wondering are they all sizzle and no substance? Go beat them. Gobi them imagine how will feel about this team borough nearly comes away with the win in Game One and then a game to they go to Cleveland and win. The winning culture has to involve winning at some point. This team has lost twenty to twenty five games. This head coach mainly through no fault of his own has lost fifteen of seventeen. Winning culture has to involve winning there's no better time than now. Eleven minutes after three o'clock speaking of winning that's all the reds have done this week. They're not gonNA do it tonight because they don't play. That was the most important start of Louis Casio's career last night and I certainly would have said that before the game just given the stakes given everything that was writing on it. But given how the game turned out Louise Castio, the pirates. Awful. We all know the pirates are awful. We all know the heavy lifting for the red starts now because they start playing good teams but forget the opponent for a second on a game in which the reds do not score. They get around in the fifth inning on show Gawky on hit by the way Shogo has done nothing but hit over the last couple of weeks. Louis Castio had to make that stick on a night where there was next to no margin for error with the stakes enormous. I. Think the Reds Really Win that game last night with a chance to vault the team into what they hold right now, which is the playoff spot no margin for error Louise Casteel was spectacular. Seven innings probably could've come out for the eighth punched out ten worked ahead din screw around the change was unbelievable. Made a bunch of those bad pirates. Hitters look silly frankly with Louise Castio pitching the way he did one nothing felt like a comfortable lead and by the way it was great to see rice on the is coming and not screw around. Three, thousand seven pitches didn't throw ball had control worked quickly. October baseball is. It's insight the playoffs star insight, the reds magic number to clinch a playoff spot is now thirteen. Now, it gets much more difficult with the white sox here this week, but we've got a lot of time to talk about that for me last night that was all about a guy who has been shaky this year, a guy who has kind of.

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