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Los Feliz to Culver City for foster adopt classes off on Wednesday nights after working crazy hours all over the City full on traffic. Yeah, and the classes were excruciatingly cuz you're learning about trauma and you're learning about being a professional parent and taking someone else's child. And if they if these parents get their crap together, you get the blessing of giving them back their child, right? So there's no guarantees. There's no there's no metal Giuseppe there. I'm actually that's not true. You do get a stipend from the county to take care of the child and and I believe aren't the services like I have friends who just they're fostering they're about to adopt them. Hopefully and all the mental health care the PT the OT those things are polluted. Yeah medical is included which you will need the need of these shows. And these foster children, there's like thirty thousand in Los Angeles County alone. Now there there's the purse. There's so few foster parents. It was painful to me to see these kids aging out of the system and never having a parent and never having someone to love them. But then as I drove into these kids lives the mental illness and the trauma it was way beyond our capabilities. So we got through all the paperwork. We got certified to be foster parents and then to that was in 2008 when the economy collapsed budget cuts off Bush the economy collapse everything foster agencies Education Services. We could not get a social worker to come to look at our house to inspect us off the appointment now we kept calling them.

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