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Most condescending. I know all right. Let's so selections never seen rebel without a cause but he wrote what he thinks rebel without a cause probably was so. We're going to read that script now and Langston go ahead and cast it. Let us know who you would like us to play. Where do I get the school I eat? It should be on the email that I sent you a text there at the bottom. Someone just sent the longest link I've ever seen to something on Oetzi and it's all I can make out of it is OJ Simpson hamburger helper. Eight by ten print. Okay Yeah I'm a click on it's probably somewhere someone painted it. Okay you gotta by Guile. I'm certainly screen shotting and putting it in the show today. I'm certainly stealing it all right. Let's throw this up here in the video. Wow Wow is it good. Does a hamburger is pretty good. I don't think you can. I wonder if I can add a file. This is how quickly here we are doing. Never seen it as I attach an. Oj Simpson Hamburger Helper. J. Pig to the zoom chat. Wow Nice all right. So it's in there but so so let so let us know who we're going to be playing okay This is this is complicated because we only have three of us. But I think Strategically Kyle you're GONNA play Jim. Congratulations you're my star. The WHO Julia. Don't take that personally because you have quite a substantial role as salesmen And you are also Julia going to be playing housewife INS on that Kyle debt is. Actually I'm going to take the role of father. Okay Because that makes things easier and then Julia You are also going to play the part of Buzz. Okay and buzz is our is our antagonised. So you know really center yourself in that energy when buzz comes great. Are there any notes or anything you want to give us a just just fall in love with the script that you read that I can do? I WANNA put a screen shot of your title page up here several and can read this long with us. Great and you'll be doing we call it the wall to wall you'll be doing all of our. Yeah I'll read the Our the stage directs very little. But I got it up here so you guys can see it. And then whenever you're ready rebel without a cause written by Langston Kerman based on rebel without a cause the movie from nineteen fifty five in probably a book to who knows none of it really matters. No one's going to read the page. I can say whatever I want on this thing. Do you guys think that James Dean Eight Pussy seems unlikely. The fifties were PRETTY UPTIGHT. Imagine being a timeless sex symbol and never having licked of the giant crazy exterior a small town street day. We Open on the generic comings and goings of a quiet suburban neighborhood. Kids play in a sprinkler of father. Motza lawn in a way in way too many clothes a salesman marches door to door carrying Encyclopedia Britannicas letter g. A housewife blazes. A Pie in a window seal and then she shut the fuck up because yes everything is as it should be then out of nowhere. We see Jim Start late. Teens edgy strutting up the street. Jim Wears dark sunglasses and a red leather jacket is a bad boy. If ever there was one you almost get the sense that he would have a spiked penis size would allow it. But Alas it's nine hundred fifty five thousand nine hundred fifty. Five Spike penises are only for cats not he kicks an empty gin bottle up the street with every step which clinks loudly against the pristine racially segregated. Car doesn't give a damn. He keeps kicking. Neighbors are all put off. By the mysterious unfunny Fonzie you there boy. Stop kicking that bottle. If it breaks there will be glass everywhere. Stuff it pops. I don't take advice from no old timers did he. Just tell the Mand stuffing well. That's like the moral equivalent of singing slob on mild day. Care Center. Yeah I told them to stuff it and I'll tell you to stuff it too and you can stop it. Most of all e points. That a Golden Retriever. Who was happily licking himself but is now deeply offend. Jim then picks up the empty. Jim Bottle unzips his pants and begins peeing in it. I say what I want and I does what I want. Because I'm a rebel without a cause. Deeply offended the housewife yells from her window. What you're doing unacceptable behavior. Just shut the fuck up Diane. Stay out of this. All right men are talking and Pene into battles..

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