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So why god bless your mom right for the were boys so there was actually four boys and three girls total right. What boys three girls. Yeah yeah so we we popped out in we. We put my mom to work. It was and we all play words. You know we all play sports in grew up into that you know and were really. Got me into my journey of football. Was my uncle His name's monty brown he. He's pretty well known he played in the nfl and and then he went into wwe so anyone into wrestling. He did both of those went to super bowl. Couple times wrestling wrestlemainia when donald trump got his head shaved. He was in that one so he did a lot. You know he. He really inspired me to play ball. And that's what my journey began as a as a young ball player and it was really funny because as a kid i was so shy i would still shy but but when i stepped on the field arcana became who i who i was i felt like you know in so my journey through football So my old my second or third oldest brother is named. Jake is the one right above me. We're close in age kizzee year in ten months Between us so we ended up playing on the same teams growing up even through. We played on the same college team. You know he went to central michigan. I when it was time for me. Choose where to go to school. I had all these other places. And i wanted to just go beyond the team with him. You know especially from parents sake. They didn't have to split weekends and go here in there so We played ball together. but yeah growing up through football man. I really got tied to it as far as my identity. You know who i was. I really was the mistake. That happens a lot with with athletes in general. I can't even just say just football. Clair's is athletes in general. When you grow up in sport and you start to think that that's all you. Are you know when really. You're not the tool. You're gaining tools through that sport. And i made the mistake of having my mentality. They can that you know. My identity was just a ball player. And i had a rude awakening in two thousand and six was a scary one so all six was the year that i was supposed to leave central michigan. I was opposed to come out. Get drafted and i didn't happen. We were playing your least favorite team. You've i what did they do. Now is in. This game was. This game was probably the biggest game in my whole college career. Okay because we had to. We had a first round draft pick second round draft pick. And i was supposed to be the next guy right on our team in michigan. Had shed hinny steve breast in lamar with all those jake long. Who was the number one. Pick that you're right every. Nfl scott was there and i was a linebacker but i was also the kick returner because i was one of the fastest guys on the team and ice play running back so you know this is my chance to really shine. I mean we're on the big stage against you in the big house. I gotta shine showed scalps right. What happened was i told my..

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