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Chicago's lakefront playgrounds and indoor aquatic programs will fully re open to the public for the first time since the pandemic started. WGN's Glenn Marshall is at Montrose Harbor of this all comes The city announced on Twitter yesterday that Chicago saw 3.4 test positivity rate, the lowest this city has been since the beginning of the covert 19. Outbreak. Now indoor parks are expected to re open with registration beginning March Ape for programs for the spring session. Also, other restrictions will be lifted in the upcoming days. So you can spend to see more dates on when things will start to open up. More statewide positivity right is a 2.8%, Illinois confirmed more than 1200 new or probable cases of covert yesterday with 34 more deaths. Running to the state 14% of the state's population, or more than 2.2 million people have received at least one dose of the covert vaccine. Chicago Alderman claims he was randomly attacked last week outside of a bar in his ward for more on that. Here's WGN's feel Brand alderman Brendan Riley, the 42nd Ward says that two men punched and kicked him while he was waiting outside Boss Bar in River north around 10:30 P.m. Thursday night, Riley said he was waiting for friends to settle a bar tab. When a man with dilated pupils ran up, yelling at the alderman, then started punching him. Riley went down when a second man came and started kicking him in the head of our security guard quickly rushed over and pulled the attack. Occurs off of him. They escaped in an idling car. The alderman never called police because, he said he didn't require medical attention, and the unknown Attackers never tried to rob him near. Lightfoot has the CPD and the Department of Consumer Protection, conducting an investigation on the mat. Jo Brand, WGN. New to Chicago firefighters injured battling a house fire on the South side. Yesterday it started in a two unit building near 86, then Phillips. That's the South Chicago neighborhood. Firefighters had to call him a day because of a flash fire on the top floor. One firefighter was sent to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. The other reason good condition..

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