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Super goal bursting through the center it was his own initiative that started the move the one two and then the beautiful finish his first goal since October. He I feel like he needed that. We all of us together. Collectively we needed that? Because all we had really was a lot of transfer talk about him going to Chelsea not much action to talk about. And that was good. This has been so much on certainty with him. And that's just a thing that we have not of all the things that we've talked about with him over the last two years uncertainty has not been one of them. He's you know, he's been playing Champions League fixtures, and he's been a lockdown first team starter. And we're we were told by step boot's go who covers Bruce Dorman for ESPN that oh, don't worry pool. Sick. His he's fine here, don't worry about offense grit. But he I mean, he didn't see Coleman. No. So there's been a lot of uncertainty with people sick. He's been passed by Jaden Sancho. And so I think. This was you know, again, they lost. But he scored that goal in extra-time super goal. Yeah. And it was a very important goal. So I don't know. Hopefully, you know, maybe that that kind of gets back and Lucienne FARs rotation in at least some way because we do want him to continue even though he's you know, he's not a Bruce Dortmund player really going forward after the season. But we would like him to keep playing there for now just to continue to improve and progress as he has like we always say these guys have to play they have to play. We never thought that would be a concern for him. But it has been of late. So I was very very happy to see that two that happen JJ. What's watch for we mentioned one COPA? Del Rey semi final first leg that took place today. There's another one tomorrow at three o'clock rail Batiz and Valencia EPL L Saturday seven thirty AM PM on here. But that would be weird Fulham and Manchester United and they're all important for Fulham now in there. Kind of important for Manchester United as well as this battle for the top four is shaping up to be a very very interesting one. Why does that feel like that could be wildly entertained? You know, Fulham are going to have to attack. There's a gung ho attitude about some of the players that they have United obviously will be away from home. That means they'll they'll sit back just that little bit. And then they'll spring that counter with the Fosse white players that they have I don't know. This could be a good one. I know I know and especially with the era of good feelings continuing after their one nil victory over the week. You said it friend. That goal though. Popo was ball. Yeah. Ashford just perfectly chip perfectly-weighted over the top or any rash. Vard's I touch which is something that I'm seeing more and more with him. I think he's a. His awareness of of where he is in terms of the goal is very good to his first touches good. He's he could turn out to be a gym of striker like people are so quick to criticize on when things were going bad. Under Marino news plano to position. A chance would emerge for him. Any miss it? And people will get on his back so quickly. That's all changed. Now. I will say this though, Lester were well capable of getting a point in that game. Probably should have had one. There was a couple of moments. Johnny Evans, header from a corner. It's almost like he didn't want to score against United against his old team. You know, talking about rash. I touch don't like this is a broad soccer question. We think I'm starting to feel like like when I see a player like what is the what is the greatest indicator in this sport of how talented a player is for and the more. I watched was more than I think it's it's that even in my brief brief shot a plan, professional football or semi professional football. When Rovers opened up their trials when I was seventeen rating 'cause it's cheaper to bring in that local junior soccer players. So I went and I spent about a month with them. I could do a lot of things I could strike the ball decently..

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