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Going to get the amount of rain. That we hoped for. And anyway, the further South you go the less rain in the meantime, up in the Smith River and the check Oh River and the Eel River on the coast of north Coast to California check. Oh, of course, is in order. But Um, if those rivers blow out, this will be just exactly what the first big runs of steel had need to come into The river. Now we already have some range a couple weeks ago, and everybody up there expected stealing to come in, but they did not come in in any numbers. They had a half pounders. Not a whole lot of steel had adult steelhead and steelhead are funny. I mean, the conditions convey perfect. It was two weeks ahead of time. They just kind of hang back. But Daniel for January, 1st comes along and if there's a storm there there, so that's why we're all looking forward to that now. That also holds true as you'll hear today in a couple reports still head on the Trinity and the clam up when we don't get any rain, those fish kind of hunkered down. They're not right. They're not real close to spawning. They're going to spawn. You know, most steelhead up north. They're going to spawn. Maybe in February in that maybe in the march So they're just hanging out and they get a little a little push of water in the face, And then they move up River. Will you get a push of fish up a river? Everybody catches a few fish for a few days. Then they get tough. A few of them move on the ones that stay. They get tough to catch. So that's why rain so important on the coast am inland. But, uh, you know, if even if this, uh excuse me forecast is partially true, That's gonna be good news ahead and that, of course, the American River opened yesterday. As did the upper portion of the McCollum E and the Feather River. Now the American River. We're gonna have a couple reports today. Uh, what is it about the America It seems like nobody pays any attention to the American River. It. Just take whatever it is and call it good enough. I'm a little tired of that. I mean, the American River used to be a great steelhead river. Why isn't a great steelhead River anymore? Well, you can get all the excuses in the world from the department gives Maura excuses than anybody in the World Department official Wildlife and the Department of Water Resource is and the Bureau of Reclamation. The fact is There's not enough attention paid to it, but from what I hear There was several fish caught. I'm not going to say a lot because there's a lot of people fish in the American on opening, but some nice steelhead were copped. Okay, We're gonna have to see how it develops over the next week or two. See what's going on. The crowds will diminish you might have a better chance. But They were sure should be nice if they could develop a fishery like they used to have. Yeah, well, we'll have more on that later. Uh, Dan Barker, and I'll have a conversation about that. Dan's going to be on a little later this morning. And the reason he's gonna be on a little later is Hopefully, we can get a hold of Mike Bernsen of Eagle Lake's ranch. No, this is a hunting and fishing ranch in Eastern War Washington, But this time a year it's known for its fabulous Mallard duck hunting. This is kind of a bucket list thing. It's not inexpensive by any means, Although it's doable. If you want to do a day hunt, they have a huge lodge will tell you about that. They have all encompassing rates. They have rates of just if you want to go duck hunting. But it's mallards. And one of the reason is they grow a lot of corn that they flood and coincidently and they have some warm springs. They keep the water from freezing, unlike the rest of eastern Washington, so hopefully we can Michael will join us about quarter to six. Dan Barker will come on. It's seven on talk about the opener in the American Rob Reimers has been rustic. Rob's has been fishing Coke Annie at Bullard's bar. Excuse me. Um, I'm getting a lot of fish. Problem is they're small. But if you like coke and efficient you could go down there and catch a limits of cocaine. And remember the limit. There is Tim. So you know, you could get a lot have a lot of action. Or, um, describe that bass are still missing in action. This has been the worst winter I can remember in my life. Maybe I can't remember that good name or but usually they're saying this time of year we used to fish and I'm a call me off the You know, um Beaver Slough Sycamore Slew Hogs, Slew the stripers and move in there and hunker down for the winner. Uh, different areas in the sand mocking Louis. We would be spooning for the big schools, The stripers. Definitely in the Liberty Island area. Uh, bait fishing and the Rio Vista down in the Montezuma sleep. It's not happening. Maybe Clyde will will can up there just a little bit, But as of now, it's really not happening. The crab season. Well, Andy, Juliana, and just a few minutes is gonna update us. What's going on there? Well, obviously the crab fishermen are ready to go. The pricer being offered by the buyers is not good enough for their efforts. The whole system is broken. And it seems like we go through this every year and who suffers the crab fisherman and us If we like fresh crab, the crab you buying the stores Now it's all frozen from this last summer or before. If anybody advertises fresh crab, you better question them severely. Okay? Um Lincoln Young will join us from Colin's Lake, calls Lake and years camping is going on there. As usual. Fishing is slow down a little bit. It's winter, but there's still catching some nice trout. Lincoln will update us. Craig Newton of Wolfish tackle in Auburn was on the American River yesterday, and he will talk to us about that. Also the fishing in Folsom Lake Jake Kelly of hooked Great little store. The Taco Stuart I own will also join us and update us on Amador and Comanche. Both are doing okay. And both out planning programs Comanche I mean, earlier this week dumped another £3600. I mean that the lake is full of fish. Then the loophole upon a bitch. Overt. Sweeney's will update us on Barry Yes, of Berryessa has been really the single I think best fishing Lake in northern California for a variety of species for the last several months, and we're talking about you know, with the big schools to shad, you go over and spoon or drop shot or whatever, and catch smallmouth large mouth spotted bath. Nice size rainbow trout. Beautiful, nice, fresh king salmon, occasional crop e occasional schooI fish, occasional catfish. I mean, come on, anyway, he'll update us what's going on over there, and we'll get his take on the scrappers and find out what's going on in the Napa River. Kyle Wives of headhunters, catch and limit after limit of trout in New Malone Is there not the biggest fish that he'd like to get? But you know, there's lots of action to be have their Don Paige Anneli is on his way to clear lick as we speak for his annual trip, they get a whole, but they get dozens and dozens and dozens of Jumbo Minos and go over and try to catch her release some of the big bath in Clear Lake and he has a good time every year, so we'll talk to him beforehand, but he was he fished Berryessa, so we'll get another report there. Then, as we have time. We'll get a report from Kurt Porter Career or Sack River guide. He closed out the salmon fishing in the Sacramento River in style. You know, it rained earlier in the week. Guess what? All the late fall run, Sam and this was the last week for them up in the Red bluff to Anderson area, and.

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