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You don't have to look at the multiple footnotes to figure out what's what, and there's nothing there to oppose from the physicians or the patient's point of view. We've actually done studies showing that in terms of safety, the physician dispensing is justice safe in terms of, you know, miss after side effects that happen with medications. They've also shown that I'm one of the order of 25 or 30% of prescriptions that doctors, right don't ever get Selves. You know, people decide they don't want to take them this way. It'll increase the chances that patients were actually be compliant. Does it walk out the door with the medication in certain circumstances? I mean, I think it Zane no brainer because it's not like we're saying Um, that an auto body store is going to dispense medications. We're talking about the person who's actually writing the prescription and has to understand and know that medication because they're actually prescribing it for the patients, So I think that makes Perfect sense. Not only that, but as you well know, physicians are constantly under the threat of medical legal interventions. And so we were very, very conscientious and very concerned and highly motivated to things to do things that correctly as possible. I mean, that seems to be a doctor's personality. Anyway, After all the hoops we've had to jump through getting applying his premed getting into medical school getting through medical school getting through residency opening a practice. These are all Huge hurdles that I think patience don't think of and they don't have to think of it. I can tell you that it does motivate doctors to do things as precisely as quickly as possible. Well, this has been very Very illuminating and very interesting in doctor digs. I hope we can continue to follow the developments off this with you. John Diggs has a unique practice. I think it's a good idea that you learn more about it. It's called direct Primary care. You can go to John digs and d dot com John Digs MD dot com Dig spelled with two G's Doctor digs. Thank you so much for your time. We look forward to talking with you again soon. Thank you, and people are welcome to call the office directly of 413. 320 to 33 already. Thank you. Thank you, Doctor Digs. Have a good day. What Great guy Really nice guy and very interesting. Direct primary. Carrie. If you want to check it out, it's an It's a delivery system of health care that I think is one of the solutions to making health care more affordable but also making health care better. They do it. It's it's done in a lot of other parts of the country to and doctor digs happens to do it here. Okay. You know what? I was going to save it for the final word. But Danny, why don't we talk about what A what A wimp. John Sena is now seriously. Let's talk about what a wimpy is Former world wrestling. Entertainment. Champion now movie star. He's in the latest fast and furious. What is it? The number 33 now or 34? Serious night just feels like yesterday. It was fast and furious. Number eight, you know? So fast and furious number nine. Now you need to know something. John Sena is a wimp. I mean, if we were in private company, I might use a different term. But I can't use it because the FCC won't let me say it. Right, Danny? Correct. You're the body. Most people looking at him today. Yeah, so he's in this movie. He's over there, promoting it. In China. And he happened to mention Taiwan being a country. In a tweet. Oh, you can't do that The Chinese Communist think Taiwan is theirs. It's not a sovereign nation. They believe it's their. So while he was over there promoting this film, he happened to say that that's a big No, no, Danny, do you have the sound? Messina? Day sort of teaching job wards were hung door siphon 100. Now that is John Sena speaking Mandarin, which I did not know He could speak Mandarin, Danny. I had no idea. E don't know if many people knew he knew how to speak Mandarin. Actually, I know, I know. Younger people are learning it now in schools. And it's been fine. Yeah, And if things continue on this track, it'll be necessary. John Sena is apologizing to China. He's saying I love China. I love the Chinese people. He's basically doing the same thing that LeBron James does. He's putting the almighty Buck. Before anything else. It just goes to show where his morals are. Am I right? I hate to pick on John Senior, but he's now in the LeBron James group. Correct. You know, he's one of those ones where he was afraid of how the movie was going to sell in China on and he was able to kind of gravel his way back to a don't be mad at me. You know, I'm very, very, very sorry, which we did here in that part of the clip. He repeated it like five or six times, basically, just trying to kiss the behinds of the Chinese. The Chinese people saying, I'm sorry that I said Taiwan is their own nation. Just like that, By the way they are. They are But the Chinese don't want to hear that. No, no. And I know somebody from Taiwan. I've spoken to them even recently. Enough and they are. They don't want nothing to do with China. Of course. Look what happened to Hong Kong. Mean when the British gave it back to them, and they were supposed to be a deal that you know, Kong Kong was going to be sovereign gonna be democratic. The Chinese aren't gonna have any of that s so basically, they're putting money in front of basic human rights for this is LeBron LeBron and all these guys like hair. Well, we've just found out yesterday that they were there really are 1200 concentration camps in China. And that they're basically practicing genocide against the the ethnic minorities from the former East Turkistan and Kazakh ethnic minorities in their country, Slaughtering them, torturing them raping them. Now that's great, John. Good for you. You're putting that you're putting the buck first. Right. You don't want your movie to fail. See, this is why folks without even firing a shot the Chinese air winning Have you seen a movie recently? That's been critical of China. I remember great movie that What's his name? He was in pretty woman. Danny, What is his name? The actor from Pretty Woman of the Year. Richard Gere. Richard Gere did this movie where he was charged with a crime in China. He was in China. He was charged with a crime and it brought you through the whole trial. And in China, you are guilty until you can prove your innocents is the exact opposite of this country, and it did not make China look very good. This movie in the movies, probably 20 years old now at least very good movie. Guess what? You couldn't make that movie today. Because you have to factor in distribution in China. And if you say anything about negative about the Chinese, that film's not getting distributed here, owned by the way, the rest of your films are getting distributed here. That's the kind of force they use. And where letting them Final word. When we return, you're listening to the gym. Polledo show your safe space management concept delivers the.

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