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That you want to go from your modem to This wired router. Before you go to your wireless router by doing so you have taken that threat away that means the. NSA can't come and get you whenever they want and know hackers come get you. It is a commercial grade wired router for fifty or sixty dollars it is the best buy you can make for your own own home security. I just had my account with Uber Haft so easy to get hacked these days so the point is I mean. They stole my money. I know and they are siphoning money all over the place. The banks are losing billions this way but they don't talk about it while I'm I am so angry I I've already ready done an interview with seven and they're gonNA put it on. Let's if people learn a little bit about security and they learn about how a few of these things are stacked against them. You have a chance. That ubiquitous thing is a gift to us by that company. They do mostly thousand dollars but they gave us one for fifty or sixty bucks just because they know. It's a big problem so we thank them for that. And I don't know any any stock and ubiquity it. I don't know them as a company and make no money from that recommendation. I just bought it myself. I set it up when I learned about it and I took care of it right away. I'm going to recommend that everybody do the same. Wow Wow so. You want to ten permanent ubiquity ubiquity the U. B. I. Q.. It ubiquity okay. So that's another link that we put on the show notes. Yeah absolutely so oh I hope I shared a little bit with. What's in front of us right now? There is more technical stuff about what's wireless radiation. How does it really work it just as a cloud around around you? Whenever you're downloading something wirelessly and think about it this way? It's that matters the size of the data that you're asking for so if I'm sitting here and I'm doing a text message okay. It's a little piece of data. That's like a fruit. Fly Coming at me okay. I don't need much of a connection from the tower to get a little piece as a text on few ones ears much. If I'm getting a big juicy picture at a little more radiation if I choose to download a video this dumb dumb thing okay. Now I'm getting an aircraft carrier and if you think five Jesus good idea that's a flotilla of aircraft carriers carrier coming at you. Okay you're wirelessly. You can't say that enough in my bottom line is you. Don't want it or need it. You'll get it faster through a wire no matter what happens but see. There's a solution and that that is the key. That's it your friends on. Always why Paul I thank you so so much. I know that you could probably talk for a couple more hours. We lost a few people. Well no but it's I mean hopefully we've at least done the basics. I think so and it. This is so important and this is why I did this. I mean I did it impromptu. But Hey this value what you're doing and educating and thank you I'm great. Scientists number four wire dot com. We'll have connections to all of your federal senators and your state senators how to contact them and to let them know the you do not want cell phone towers on the Utility and and Light Poles twenty feet from your second story bedroom windows. You don't want that and let him know and we hope the joy today's episode of wealth transformation. We encourage you to apply the information you've learned with our wise guests to make your life better and make good changes. We appreciate you more than you know for being a part of our podcast when you were moved or motivated please let us know how the show influenced your life emailing at Dr Cheryl dot wealth transformation gmail.com for a free consultation with Dr Cheryl to see how she can benefit you. Further please visit Cheryl Shire DOT COM or call four one five two four six six eight eight one as a gift you can get doctor. Cheryl's is booked wealth transformation integrity integrity integrity for only the cost of postage of seven dollars. Ninety five cents until next time feel oh healthy and happy in your well no matter where you are in your life.

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