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It's it's going to be showing someone i think he was. The atmosphere was great. And i thought he might have been and i think the game turned out to be game the novel i thought he might have been so get been there a year yeah yeah moby already a proper scouser that is the world all the fans are coming from. It could not be more different now. We know that rationally but emotionally. We still like to dream next question. I'm sure john from oakdale. Minnesota big big wolves fan would probably give up the means The men writes my first born if saddam he trying to back of the net consists may My question is a two parter. So i am. The barcelona job is on the open pretty soon giving these crises that they're facing seems to be only one man for the job exam question do you. What is the draftkings odds on him. Being appointed the mets barcelona manager and then the second question is how the hell you say. Big sam's mind in spanish. Yes amigo and courage. Barcelona versus leventis. Sunday ten fifty nine am eastern time espn plus hurricane for rubberneckers snuff movie aficionado and real madrid fans in equal measure. Yes this week. Renowed acumen was red-carded after turgid.

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