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The other day we've seen robert gazelle men looked phenomenal coming out of the pan for these new york mets and seth lugo as well and both of them utilized on thursday and after the day off yesterday imagine they will be available for mickey callaway today but let's dive in and find out a little bit more of what's happening with the washington nationals get updates on animate was not in the lineup of the national day daniel murphy of course as well and we bring on right now mark zuckerman mass sports dot com and mark on the show again how you doing excellent how you doing today i'm good i'm good no snow shockingly i mean they were calling for about forty eight hours and then i mean it's cold don't make no bones about that it's cold and windy in great but it's dry and i guess all things considered as a lot better than having to deal with the delay or postponement or whatever it might have come i never trusted weather man one of those lessons but yes actually gets baseball today and for the national series you know they lose to the mets in their home opener eight to two short for the nationals it's not the end of the world there but for the mets it's a big win and i think a message sent did the nationals feel that way feel that this season will be any different based on what they saw from the mets on thursday you know i think within the clubhouse they have from the beginning had plenty of respect for the mets they know how much talent is over there and they know just like you guys do that it just comes down to how healthy those guys can stay for the season especially in the rotation so i i don't think they will be surprised at all if the mets are right there with them this season i think they they know the division as a whole is tougher than it's been probably the last two years at the phillies are improving and i know they've gotten all so bad start they kappler's not the.

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