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Home. He started an auto mechanic business here. He sometimes relies on charity for food at the arrivals terminal. He so excited at the prospect of seeing his family. He can't stand still he eventually spots them through the glass. This is this is I see you. Red jacket, and they go my little, man. And then Vincent Vinny is here with a suitcase full of toys and superman underwear kisses his dad daddy. More. Place. This is the airport. Yes. Iraq. He's home country. But he doesn't think he can survive here. The US is the only home he's known Jana. Ralph NPR news, Baghdad on voice for the US and China clashed this week at a World Trade Organization meeting in Geneva, blaming each other for disregarding WTO rules as NPR's rob Schmitz reports rhetoric from both sides is diminishing hope for a breakthrough when President Trump meets Chinese leader, Xi Jinping later this month deputy US trade Representative in WTO ambassador. Dennis shea said China was using the WTO to promote non market policies policies that have distorted world markets and led a massive excess capacity in the global supply of commodities like steel and aluminum a Chinese official shot back saying the US was blaming China. Disguise its own violations of WTO rules to Kurt exchange on Wednesdays. The latest example of a souring mood between the world's two largest economies. The clock winding down to an important meeting between President Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping. The group of twenty summit in Argentina at the end of the month. A meeting that many hope could lead to a deal that could prevent a trade war between the two from getting even worse. I think people in the US set up with all of the WTO commitments to China made. And then essentially evaded where they promised to do this the other thing, and then basically did nothing Arthur Kroeger is author of China's economy, what everyone needs to know, he says, he's not holding out hope for a deal between the US and China anytime soon years, a very strong feeling I've seen throughout many aspects of the US government that Chinese naughty, trustworthy, interlocutor the commitments that are not being and if they don't follow through on. And that is not worth having more conversations protocols, the notion that Trump, and she will reach a breakthrough at the g twenty a big nothing burger, and he expects US tariffs on Chinese imports to increase from ten percent to twenty five percent on the first day of twenty nine thousand nine hundred a scheduled time is running out for negotiations between the two sides Chinese lead. Trade negotiator. Leila's just announced. He'll visit Germany in the days leading up to the g twenty making it increasingly likely, the US and China.

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United States, WTO, China discussed on Morning Edition

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