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I want to play that that was from earlier today and I am pretty fascinating Karen know which to choose a state representative Democrat Michigan and she had recovered and she gave the credit to hydroxy core Quinn and the president for you know pointing out what we have discussed at length and in detail it is extremely frustrating that I and I know there's there's intramural fighting all within the medical community over you know who's right who's wrong but I don't think there's anyone that knows more about hydroxy core Quinn and Dr Daniel Wallace who we have brought to your attention is now been doing this for forty two years and then practice and you know cedars Sinai in Los Angeles and board certified rheumatologist and four hundred peer reviewed papers and you know he's now he says it's a very safe drug tens of millions of individuals sixty five years we've been given this drug out no pasion of his ever hospitalized he's written extensively about it he talked it scrapes specifically about the dose is being used for covert nineteen and says that you have the risks are nil his words not mine except if you have a rash an upset stomach with dozens more mice in there is there are issues involving zithromax combination but the you know this you have to do this with your doctor I'm not a doctor but Dr oz is a doctor and you know I I noticed you know that this is so frustrating to me but you know you work day and night you accumulate all this information you're passing it on to the viewers of your show and listeners here and viewers of my show on TV and and and people still want to criticize you know the fact that you're looking for treatment while we develop a vaccine to save lives and if frustrates me and and do no harm staff at that standard seems to be established to me by this one doctor alone where you're kind of your comments and I appreciate hearing representatives testimonial I tie it in theory we would all be rooting so hard for this to work because it would help us with this deadly illness that we be misleading ourselves for it the other way it will instead wit is weird place where you sort of feel like folks are rooting for or against it depending on their political persuasion which by the way that's according for sports team except of course deadly steaks and I understand that and at a high level but if you're a scientist is is just the facts right this the drag the sergeant Friday dragnet approach and we don't have enough facts so yes sometimes you gotta let people make decisions based on inadequate amounts of information that's being a doctor is all about if we had all the information that was clear you would need to Cuba being turned carpeted customized Teo I think the folks who are going to ultimately win this battle independent of whether the larger randomized trials coming or not other folks is a doctor yeah it at this moment what is your best thought because you think is best for your patience discuss it together because of the compressors coming in work it's real but I tell you it is stunning to me and I think I have this today on the show I had the university of Minnesota principal investigator who is the most so far advanced trial he could mold about half of the people he needs I'm not there supporting him at every level which is trying to get the word out giving him some some some wind beneath his sale so we can get up there and get all these patients enrolled died this morning I talked about Sanford health which is the is the largest rural healthcare system in the country just salt of the earth people come across an office to you know grow up your basin just a basketball and and is becoming fed tastic she over great system and really build a culture there that I think is V. as others upbringing brought it into his mind and that's what they're doing they're just saying we're just going to do this for the whole state of South Dakota it's just gonna make one big trial happened did not say it's gonna work or not they're they're just awful individuals there say we're gonna use it and we can report back an hour does spend the rest of the world can copy along but I guess it but most doctors right now appropriately C. as part of their armamentarium to because of the reason that you offered which is doctor day walls and many other rheumatologist had more have articulated that seems to be pretty safe if used correctly by doctor who knows your issues and you know you learn this well enough educated but I gotta say that is just part of the puzzle the whole beauty of that is it would make what else we have to do for the re opening of America easier if it works to do things crossed that does in the meantime we got to keep on the head as a stage going on to to do what you've been arguing for which is to chart out a very precise plan for how we get this country going that is the key and there's a certain urgency to this Dr oz and I'm I'm I keep talking about new normals that have got to also protect patient privacy and civil liberties and constitutional rights but in and I think the new normals are you know what nonessential personnel work from home masking gloves at least temporarily gonna be used more than anybody likes I think temperature taking you know per day I apparently the agent for these abit test of the the real critical ingredient and most of it comes from China which I know you know more than anybody and that that is a problem because that means we can't get the tests you know tens of millions of them built any time soon and it's a little more complicated than just say I need ten million test tomorrow it was for second and final point and I'm I'm just preparing this interview that I would be doing with our our dry our drugs are and I was doing my homework on this and I I I descended it sort of dawned on me we have a very balkanized pathway of testing which means every center collect all the pieces of the puzzle they can get you they they get all the reagents that can get all the testing kits they can get all the machines they can get in and into the best they can with the got in Italy and other countries they said we don't have time for everyone to make their own jigsaw puzzle everybody put your hands up tell me what you got we're gonna put it all together all that information and we're gonna see okay you guys you do you know how to do this part of the test you got to this part of the test you as we do that we need to have it organized centralized process we're not nationalizing testing which is centralizing its everyone can see what everyone else has otherwise literally get playing keep away not on purpose because you don't know what you're missing that and that you know the guy across the street I didn't they don't know that you got what they're missing so we're we're having a lot of these machines running at half speed where I believe I can I can get a car out of reporting I see the numbers the companies that are offering and I think they're right if all the things they needed where there they could do that many tasks but the fact is that all the things are there you mentioned the regions from China there's a bunch of missing parts of this puzzle that we ought to be able to you know find one beautiful picture of America and that takes I think at this point all of us get a little out about the fact that we are not going to tolerate inadequate testing we can't open the country that you're responsible for don't have adequate testing and there's nothing holding us back from getting it what the no I I'd listen I agree but you know it one thing that I've I think we all have a stand back here you know look at what was done in New York the the the navy ship comfort thousand beds three thousand bed hospital the largest in the country you know built and personnel the entire personnel will came in and I think you actually played a part in that if I'm not mistaken because saying we need personnel of the time I remember that yeah but the president the president built them the president you know man numb R. then they you know as you pointed out yesterday you know it's not easy okay we're gonna take covert nineteen patients are did we fix the ventilation first I mean they're not as easy at getting the masks and the respirators even GM it's like okay it's it's not easy to get a ventilator and I hate to tell anybody when you get a ventilator you need somebody that can run the darn thing because apparently it's complicated that we don't even have enough people doing that but you know we managed it you say that we're gonna have a rebound when not if how do we deal with these rebounds and I think to get the testing of the levels the tens of millions we're gonna need which by the way we wouldn't even be able to talk about this back with H. one N. one because we can now break down the sequences so much faster so that's a new development how do we get it and with a realistic expectation knowing the challenges of it we don't need tens of millions I really don't think that's the case I I interviewed you the ex FDA commissioner mark McClellan today and I really do trust his judgment and I start trying to leave this with a bunch of other people that I trust I think we need about seven hundred fifty thousand tests a week which we should close to that actually we are except except the numbers that you and I are getting are the numbers that they could do if they had all the parts but every lab says the same thing the governor says yeah I got a bunch of these tests but I didn't get enough the kids or they say I got the test in the kids but there's no reaches the chemicals you have to put into the machine to be able to run the kids I mean I become more of an expert this thing that I wanted to ever use either I'm I'm sick of love reading about the stupid tests and there's a chance that I never knew existed but go ahead I'm respectful of our hardest because what you're saying is actually about we both of us have rolled our sleeves up and gotten into they go because this transfigured out it's difficult and I had got it yet but might not be not congratulate everybody at many levels of government hopes that as you know we're listening don't understand the subtleties sometimes what these folks have done they've completely change your job descriptions to be able to get into that Steve dignity gritty of what's required but I think this particular issue of testing is going to require a little bit of a firm guiding hand it does have to be the president it could come from for example does the drugs are or I mean the testings or other members of the task force but I think there was sort of saying the same thing I mean you know I'm gonna be the governor of Georgia tomorrow who I've gotten to know when I respect a lot and I you know I I and I can always predict what's going to happen we got a lot of testing kits we got cool place to work are we not are we sure we have all the parts okay company has moved to fifty thousand but we can only we do twenty thousand with dismissing car parts of it well that will become but we still have to get the thermometers to we need more of those but and again it's not it's easier said than done I mean you gotta mobilize and ways but the economy has stayed open all right what happens when you re open New York City and then you do have a hot spot or you have a hot spot here there are somewhere which you told me is going to happen you got it you got to put out the flames get doused with a bucket of water how do you do that you trust the people that you're suspicious habitat all the well some well the ones.

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