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So you tell me who's better for the gay community and who's better for women than Donald Trump believe me. And the reason I bring this up is because I hear all the time Republicans like Paul, Ryan and others, say things like why support LGBT rights, right? They'll they'll say it and then there's nothing in their voting record. In fact, they they actively work in the other direction, but things have changed culturally to where they clearly feel they have to give word to this lip service to it, but then they don't actually do it. So my question I guess is can you be a supporter of the gay community while constantly working against the gay community? Is that a thing. No, and it's not a thing I think was the thing is that people don't read today. They don't, you know, understand that they can actually, you know, pick up a newspaper or go in research a topic, and that's the problem with our society today as we just listen to sound bites and politicians know that you cannot today the pendulum has shifted. You cannot say that I am anti gay because it will hurt your business will hurt your chances of being reelected. Right? And that's a good thing, right? But it's a bad thing because now the the anti LGBT rhetoric and the the actions of into the closet, and people aren't either motivated or willing, or you know, at a point where you know they feel like they have the time. I'm not for sure what it is to be able to research and say, you know what? Paul Ryan, you haven't done anything for algebra people, right? You know, Donald Trump, you. You held the rainbow flag the wrong way when you held it up right? Like you, we need to hold our politicians and our leaders accountable, but in order to do that, we have to be able to find out, you know what the truth is, and I think that's the problem we're having today is, and what I'm most concerned about is, where do you find the truth? Let's I want to close us out with a question. I don't usually ask, but I think it's it's appropriate for you. You know, you've seen a lot of antagonism and you've you've overcome to make things happen in the world. We rarely address this in the show, but I would love to hear your advice on what to do when you're trying to talk to somebody and their words in their beliefs, just make your blood boil, but you're trying to have a conversation like what's your advice to people on how to do that. So I've had somebody yell, some pretty awful things that me and it does take two people to have dialogue. You can't have dialogue with somebody who doesn't want to have a conversation. So that's the first thing you know, I I have approached people and you know people who I, I know are either yelling things or saying things, and I have approached them and said, would you be open to coming over and sitting and having a conversation, right, and taking out of the context of the moment and going over and sitting and have the conversation start out by just getting to know each other, asking them about, you know, their family, their husband, or wife, or or girlfriend, or boyfriend or whoever. You know, they have, you know, a close relationship with, you know, ask them about what's going on in their life or try to get to know them as a person right before. You start to get to know them our, you know before you let the issue that is defining the moment a get, you know, in the way of of being humans. And I think if you're able to find someone's humanity and sit down and speak to them one on one and and spend some time learning about each other's humanity, then you're able to have the building blocks to have discussions that can build that integrity that trust and it may not happen in the first conversation, but.

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