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Oil at this point but we did have a eleven point six percent offensive rebounds in his five hundred sixteen minutes twenty four percent defensive rebounds that's outstanding in the g league where he spent quite a bit of time had another five hundred minutes there any was again excellent on the glassy on that's probably really as best skilled as twelve percent offense rebound in the g league twenty five percent offensive rebounds blocked some shots in the g league as well four point nine percent block rate that didn't translate as much to the nba level where he blocked only two point four percent of opponent twos obviously at a much bigger size advantage in the g league so someone a again new maybe get there as a backup center when he's not going to get because he doesn't really have the half to fight with the biggest centers either a guy you can like be a plugger and give you some minutes but again nut someone who really sticks out to me that much worth noting he added seventeen pr like that's not bad you think he could put up a few numbers but it's again other than rebounding like what are what is his real standout skill and rebounding is less important than it's ever been at this point in time i don't think he's quite quick enough feet wise to be a switch guy defense yeah i would agree with that so i i have hopes for him unlike a lot of these other players for memphis he has team control in terms of a team option after the season a lot of the guys selden harrison deontay davis del martin those guys are all going to be restricted if they get qualifying offers robin brooke's both have non guarantees or team could have another year at the minimum after this year so that makes it makes life easier memphis they get more valuation time for those players and we'll have to see how they want imbalance these roster spots this is going to be different than last year where they actually they cut rod as a gore achieve he had two years of.

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